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SASSA R350 Most recent News Upgrades 

Being a SASSA recipient, you need to remain educated around the SASSA R350 most recent news updates. It’ll be accommodating for you to urge data with respect to your SASSA status. 

It is fundamental to guarantee convenient and smooth get to to your awards, particularly in today’s period of budgetary request. 

We will cover all the most recent upgrades with respect to the SASSA allow. It incorporates current data almost give expansion, R350 give increment, and payment dates.

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SASSA R350 most recent news updates

SASSA R350 Give expansion till Walk 2025

There is sweet news for SASSA recipients: the R350 give has been expanded till Walk 2025. Prior, this was set to conclusion in Walk 2024.

On 1 Nov 2023, the back serve Enoch Godongwana reported a allow expansion whereas tending to the Medium Term Explanation Approach to the parliament. He said that approximately R33.6bn has been designated to grow the give for the year 2024-25. 

The government takes this step to back unemployed individuals so that they can keep up their living expenses.

In any case, in case of an expansion of the allow, the treasury may audit at the conclusion of 2024 whether it’s attainable to expand or not.

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Would the installation be made lasting or not?

For the grant to be made lasting, he said in the event that the allow were to be made changeless, the allow beneficiaries would increment from 27.3m in 2023-24 to 40.4m in 2040-41. The government would require perpetual subsidizing sources to form this a reality. 

The truth around the SASSA give installment increase

SASSA recipients are concerned almost the news on social media approximately the increment in R350 allow R700. But it is considered fake news and isn’t affirmed formally. The social advancement serve and Agent Director-General at the department have asked an increment within the allow. Be that as it may, concurring to the Office of Social Improvement, the National Treasury does not permit an increase in gifts due to asset limitations. So it’ll stay at R350 and not increment. Some time recently accepting any news, verify the news by reaching the SASSA SRD Department.

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SASSA R350 give installment updates

You can check the installment date for your R350 give by checking the status of your SASSA SRD R350 give. Recipients more often than not get installment within the to begin with week of the month. SASSA has reported the taking after dates for January:

  • Senior Citizen Allow: The allow will be accessible beginning 1 January 2024.
  • Impaired Individuals Give: Recipients will get installment on 4 January 2024.
  • Children Allow: The give will be open from 5 January 2024.
  • Covid SRD R350 give: Installment will be made between 18 and 22 December 2024.SASSA Grant Administrator Salary 


The government has right now reported a few overhauls approximately the SASSA give. SASSA beneficiaries can get the allow for another year to support their living costs. In any case, the sum will stay the same as the national treasury did not endorse any increment in reserves.  As of now, SASSA has reported the installment dates for the December awards. Be beyond any doubt these dates so that you’ll be able gifts on time.

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