Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
SASSA R350 PaymentSASSA R350 Payment

SASSA R350 Payment Dates and Status Checks Online

The Social Relief of Distress Grant( SRD), generally known as the R350 entitlement, has been a vital lifeline for numerous South Africans during these grueling times. still, navigating the operation process and keeping track of payments can be confusing. This detailed companion aims to empower you with all the information you need to check your SASSA R350 status and stay informed about forthcoming payment dates.

Status Checks Online  

The latest update for SASSA R350 grant payments in May 2024 is that payments were disbursed between May 27th and 31st. If your application was approved, the funds should be reflecting in your bank account within 2-3 business days. You can check your application status for May 2024 and upcoming months using the official SASSA Status Check Portal (https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status)

Sassa Status Check

The first step is relating your current entitlement status. There are several ways to achieve this.

Online Portal 

  •  Visit the sanctioned SASSA SRD portal https//srd.sassa.gov.za/ sc19/ status 
  • Enter your South African ID number and the phone number used during your operation. 
  • elect your entitlement type( SRD) and click” Submit.” 
  • You’ll admit your current status incontinently, reflected as either” Approved,”” Pending,” or” Declined.” 


  • Type the communication” SASSA( ID Number)” and shoot it to 0820468553. 
  •  You’ll admit an SMS response with your current entitlement status. 


  1. Download the Govchat app and register using your cellphone number. 
  2. Type” Sassa” in the communication box and shoot it to the sanctioned agent. 
  3. Follow the prompts to interrogate about your payment status and view forthcoming dates. 

Sassa Status Check

  • Telephone the risk-free number 0800 60 10 11 and choose the” subventions Enquiry” option. 
  •  Be set to give your ID number and answer security questions. 

SASSA Payment Dates 

Once you’ve verified your approved status, it’s important to understand the payment schedule 

  • Yearly Payments The R350 entitlement is generally expended around the 15th of each month. still, slight variations may do due to weekends and public leaves. 
  • Batch Payments SASSA processes operations and payments in batches. This means the exact date might differ slightly depending on your batch group. 
  • Payment Channels You can admit your R350 entitlement through colorful channels, including your bank account, Post Office account, or through cash at merchandisers displaying the CashSend totem. 

Addressing enterprises 

  • SASSA Website and Social Media Regularly check the sanctioned SASSA website( https//www.sassa.gov.za/) and social media runners for updates and adverts
  • Regarding payment dates and any changes to the program. 
  • Fiddle cautions Remain watchful against swindles impersonating SASSA. 
  • SASSA will noway request any particular information or freights via SMS or phone calls. Always use sanctioned channels for communication. 
  • Reporting Issues If you encounter any issues with your operation, payment, or status check, reach out to SASSA through the contact center or their sanctioned website grievance medium. 
SASSA R350 Payment

Fresh coffers 

  • SASSA SRD Portal https//srd.sassa.gov.za/ 
  • SASSA Contact Center 0800 60 10 11 
  • Govchat App https//govchat.app/ 
  • SASSA Website https//www.sassa.gov.za/
  • By exercising these coffers and staying informed, you can successfully navigate the SASSA R350 program and access the vital support it provides. Flash back, your fiscal well- being is important, and understanding your SASSA status and payment dates empowers you to manage your circumstances effectively. 

SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates (Quick Details)

Method Details Pros Cons
Online (SRD website) https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19<br> Enter ID Number & registered mobile number ✔ Official source ✔ Simple interface
SMS Text “SASSA [ID Number]” to 082 046 8553 ✔ Convenient ✔ Fast reply
USSD Dial 12069277# ✔ Check grant balance ✔ Quick access
Govchat App Message “Sassa Status” to official agent ✔ Official source ✔ Secure platform
Toll-free line (appeals) Call 0800 601011 ✔ Check appeal status ✔ Direct assistance
SASSA R350 Payment

Final Word:

Please note This information is current as of January 25, 2024. It’s pivotal to stay streamlined on any changes or policy updates through the sanctioned SASSA channels mentioned over. 

I hope this detailed companion proves helpful in your trip with the SASSA R350 entitlement. Flash back, if you have any farther questions, feel free to reach out to SASSA or consult trusted sources for dependable information.