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SASSA R350 Virtual Card

SASSA R350 Virtual Card

As well said, “Time is money,” and you ought to take care where you spend your time. You’re tired of holding up and sitting around idly long lines to induce awards. This time can be utilized for a few profitable tasks.Presently, in case you’re considering moving to a more advanced banking choice, i.e., SASSA R350 virtual card, for comfort and time-saving, it is essential to examined the direct to know how to induce this, check the adjust, and make payments. It’ll assist you get the card effectively as you don’t need to waste your time within the off-base endeavors, empowering you to utilize it effectively within the future.

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What is SASSA R350 Virtual card?

The SASSA R350 virtual card could be a card issued to recipients of social gifts in South Africa. This card can be utilized the same way as a physical one, the as it were distinction being that it is free. In case the recipient chooses the virtual card, Post Bank makes an account within the beneficiary’s title and joins it to the beneficiary’s phone and ID numbers. It’ll permit the recipient to pull back an R350 give from different post-bank ATMs.

Qualification criteria for SASSA post bank virtual card

Beneficiaries getting social give installments through the SASSA installment framework are qualified for the SASSA virtual card.

To qualify for the SASSA R350 virtual card, 

Recipients must moreover be enrolled for SASSA online administrations and have enacted their virtual card. 

The Candidate can enroll by going to the site of SASSA. Candidates will give ID numbers and contact points of interest to enroll for online services.

SASSA gold card still valid

Where can you utilize SASSA virtual cards?

This card can be used at ATMs, drug stores, open transport, restaurants, general stores like Shoprite, Checkers, Boxer, Choose n Pay, and online shopping.

One of the recognizing highlights is that it is utilized free of commission.

How can you apply for the SASSA R350 Grant?

You’ll apply through the site or WhatsApp for a SASSA R350 grant.

Method1: Through Website

  • Go to the SRD allow website.
  • Tap on click here to apply online.
  • Enter your cell phone number and hit send SMS.
  • You’ll get OTP at the number you provided.
  • Enter the OTP.
  • Affirm and acknowledge the clauses within the announcement and assent documents.
  • Put down your details.
  • Enter your cell phone number, work data, and way of life supportability details. Enter your managing an account details.
  • Take after the prompts to complete the application.

Strategy 2: Through WhatsApp

  • Include SASSA on WhatsApp by using this number: 0820468553.
  • Send a message SRD allow to this number.
  • Show In the event that you’re applying for yourself (by sending number 1) or on sake of somebody else (by sending number 2).
  • Send an SMS along with your as specified on your personality document.
  • Send an SMS together with your as said on your character document.
  • React Yes, as you’ve got examined and acknowledged these conditions.
  • Affirm your citizenship status and send 1 in case you’re a South African citizen, 2 on the off chance that you’re a changeless inhabitant, and 3 in case you’re a Refugee.
  • Press on the interface sent to you in WhatsApp chat.
  • Affirm and acknowledge the clauses within the statement and assent details
  • Enter your ID number.
  • Take after the prompts to total your R350 give application.

You may be informed around the status of your grant application. You will get an SMS around reserves in case it is affirmed. Something else, you can yield an R350grant request application in case of any issues.

How do you check your bank balance?

When an candidate opens a post bank account, he must connect it with his contact points of interest as a phone number. It can be done by going by the neighborhood department or contacting the Postbank call center.

Candidates will get an SMS on the phone when SRD money is kept into the account. However, the candidate can also check the adjust by sending the final digits of the account number and the word “BAL” to 32302.

After sending the SMS, the candidate will get a message with the adjust from the post bank. This strategy to check post bank adjust is true since the versatile number is connected to the bank account.

Candidates ought to keep the points of interest private from anybody to protect the account.

Post bank virtual card SASSA

Allow recipients to have the opportunity to select the instalment method. If a candidate chooses to urge a permit through the post office, the candidate must to begin with open a bank account. When the applicant’s SRD cash is prepared, he will get an SMS on the phone.

After the cash has been deposited in the applicant’s account, he can visit the closest post bank to pull back the money. In case you have a postbank card, it can be utilized at an ATM to pull back cash. With respect to the R350 give, you’ll be able your money at Checkers, PicknPay, Shoprite, and Boxer Store. You are not liable for any fetched by utilizing a SASSA card account.Beneficiaries only get this after accepting the SMS educating them that their awards are prepared. When aiming to make a withdrawal, recipients are too required to bring along their ID to the installment point. But if the candidate chooses a bank account for installment, he will only get it through going to the bank after getting the message.

How do you stay educated through SASSA’s social media pages?

In today’s digital age, remaining educated has never been simpler, much appreciated to the control of social media. Social media gives coordinate and efficient communication channels. SASSA is dynamic on social media stages, counting Twitter as the SASSA Official Twitter Page, Instagram as the SASSA Official Instagram Page, and Facebook as the SASSA Official Facebook Page.

You may get supportive data by following SASSA on these stages, counting give and payment dates, sorts of grants, check and verification, and application procedures. SASSA also has an official site that’s valuable for recipients. To access the official SASSA site, visit 


SASSA gives suitable means for recipients to urge social gifts through two-step confirmation: by demonstrating their character and entering their phone number and stick. You will get it in the event that you meet the qualification criteria. You’ll be able it at general stores and ATMs. 

Candidates can apply either through an online site WhatsApp. Installment can be made by post office or card.

SASSA R350 virtual cards are the foremost option, providing security, convenience, and cost-free.


How to get a post-bank account number?

You should have a South African ID, proof of residence, and a certain amount of money to induce post-bank number.