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SASSA ReapplicationSASSA Reapplication

SASSA Reapplication

If your provide used to be rejected/declined by using SASSA, then you have to reapply for the R350 SRD grant. Make certain your problems are constant earlier than following the SASSA Reapplication process. Even if your utility was once declined, you can use the following way to reapply alternatively of an appeal. Here is how to do it!

SASSA R350 Grant Online

Filing for SASSA reconsideration/reapplication is comparable to filling for the new R350 software and is now required, as stated with the aid of Paseka Letsatsi, who is the head of the communications committee at SASSA. Before applying, make certain you fulfill all the requirements, and in the meantime, you haven’t utilized for any different furnish by using the government. To reapply, comply with these steps:

SASSA Appeal Website

Visit the respectable SASSA Appeal internet site the place you will provoke the reapplication process.

Enter your cell number: Provide your cell range as required by means of the website.

Receive a one-time pin (OTP): You will acquire a one-time pin (OTP) on your supplied cellular number.

Enter the OTP: Enter the acquired OTP on the internet site to proceed with your SASSA reapplication.

Fill out all required details: Provide all the crucial facts and small print as requested with the aid of the website.

Click on Submit: Once you have crammed out all the required information, click on on the publish button to entire your reapplication process.

SASSA Reapplication
SASSA Reapplication

SASSA Office

If you are inclined to follow in person, you can do so through travelling the nearest SASSA office. However, as soon as you attraction for reconsideration, you will have to test the fame of your appeal. The above steps are additionally defined in an infographic tweet by way of SASSA.

Status of Your Appeal

To test the repute of your appeal, comply with these steps:

  • Open the SASSA Status Check webpage.
  • Enter the smartphone variety that you used in the course of the reapplication process.
  • Provide your SASSA ID Number.
  • Click on Submit.
  • You will obtain your enchantment popularity on the equal page.

SASSA Different Status Outcomes

The consequences are different, and there are possibilities you will face a fame that is both “SASSA SRD reapplication pending” or “SASSA Reconsideration Approved.”

Sassa SRD Reapplication Pending

This popularity shows that both your software wasn’t obtained appropriate in the first location or you haven’t granted consent to SASSA to affirm your identity, residency, income, or social safety benefits.

Sassa Reconsideration Approved Payday

Once your reconsideration is SASSA approved, you will see this status. To test the payday, go to the charge dates page. Your payday is the equal as for different applicants.


In conclusion, reapplying for the SASSA Reapplication supply is a simple procedure that can be completed on-line or in person. Ensure you meet all eligibility standards and observe the steps cautiously to expand your possibilities of approval.


Do I have to reapply for an SRD provide each and every month?

No, as soon as your reconsideration is approved, you don’t want to reapply each month.

What if my SASSA reapplication reputation is pending?

If your fame is pending, it would possibly point out troubles with your preliminary software or verification process. Contact SASSA for in addition assistance.

Can I take a look at my attraction reputation online?

Yes, you can test your attraction popularity on-line thru the SASSA Status Check webpage the use of your smartphone range and SASSA ID Number.

How lengthy does it take for SASSA to procedure reapplications?

Processing instances might also vary, however typically, it takes a few weeks for SASSA to manner reapplications and furnish a popularity update.

What have to I do if my SASSA reapplication is declined again?

If your reapplication is declined again, you might also want to evaluation your eligibility standards and make sure all required archives are precisely submitted earlier than reapplying.