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SASSA Reconsideration [SRD Reconsider Guide] SASSA Reconsideration [SRD Reconsider Guide] 

SASSA Reconsideration 

You’re very tense since you wish money related offer assistance but are told you can’t get it. It is exceptionally discouraging to urge a “no” letter from SASSA. This delay in getting cash makes your life indeed harder.But specialists allow another chance as SASSA Reconsideration. You get this chance if you by one means or another put data off-base whereas applying for the primary time. We are going you with distinctive strategies for reexamination that will unquestionably ease your issue, its length, and everything you need to know.

Why do you need to apply for reconsideration?

A dismissal reexamination tells the manager to reexamine its choice and once more take a see at the candidate’s capacities. It may well be accommodating in case the candidate has overhauled their continue or in the event that there were any mistaken assumptions all through the application process.

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Necessities for SASSA Reconsideration

The specific prerequisites for SASSA reevaluation may contrast depending on the applicant’s circumstance. On the other hand, these are the standard prerequisites for SASSA reconsideration:

Dismissal Letter

You may require the first letter from SASSA clarifying why your application was rejected.

Application frame for reconsideration

You ought to total the SASSA reevaluation application shape. 

Individual Identification

You’ll give individual distinguishing proof, such as your ID or passport.SASSA South Coast Kzn

Supporting Documentation

It incorporates therapeutic reports, affirmations, financial records, or other proof supporting your claim.

Application Methods

SASSA gives numerous strategies for submitting a reexamination application

Official website

Go to

Presently, enter the phone and ID numbers you utilized to yield your application. After this, you may get a Stick code.

Select a reexamination reason.

Yield your application.

Phone number

Dial the 0800 60 10 11 number.

A SASSA representative will reply and request further information.

The agent will direct you on how to reapply for reconsideration.

Provincial mail address

In this case, candidates will filter the completed application frame and supporting reports and after that them to the e-mail address given by their neighborhood SASSA office.

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Fax Application:

A few SASSA offices accept faxed reexamination applications. Candidates can fax the completed frame and supporting documents.

How long does SASSA take for reconsideration?

After engaging for your application, an Free Tribunal for Social Help Requests will examine the request and guarantee SASSA misses no data. And you’ll get the appeal result inside 60 to 90 days.


In South Africa, the SASSA reconsideration prepare is imperative for fathoming issues. In spite of the fact that the precise length of this prepare may vary, candidates must have persistence and guarantee that all fundamental printed material is exact and complete.So, we have clarified how to apply SASSA for the reevaluation prepare, distinctive application strategies, its prerequisites, and the length of reconsideration.

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FAQs (Regularly Inquired Questions)

Why is my SASSA reevaluation status still pending?

It means that either your application wasn’t gotten appropriately within the to begin with put, or you haven’t been granted assent to SASSA to confirm your personality, residency, pay, or social security benefits. You don’t need to ponder why my SASSA reevaluation is still pending.