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SASSA Referred StatusSASSA Referred Status

SASSA Referred Status in 2024 | Solve All Issues Quickly

SASSA Referred Status

The “REFERRED” status within the setting of SASSA (South African Social Security Office) demonstrates that the applicant’s application is experiencing encourage survey. This status can apply to different SASSA social awards, counting the Social Help of Trouble (SRD) R350 grant.

It may be activated by different reasons, such as ID report matches in other databases, documentation issues, lost contact data, suspected extortion movement, or copy applications. 

Applicants with this status are empowered to contact SASSA for clarification and to guarantee that the proper archives are kept up for their application to be rethought and endorsed. They can contact SASSA through their toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 or the SASSA WhatsApp number at 0820 468 553 and continue with their circumstance. 

Moreover, candidates who feel their application was declined in mistake can ask reevaluation. So don’t be wiped out as a parrot, I’ve arranged a total direct on SASSA Alluded Status;

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What is SASSA Alluded Status for Me?

The SASSA allude status notice illuminates you that SASSA has incidentally stopped your application since of doubts of false action. SASSA will conduct a nitty gritty appraisal to decide on the off chance that extortion has been committed whereas your application is experiencing inside confirmation and quality control. The survey incorporates applying a Extortion Hazard Score to decide in the event that the applicant’s phone number, ID, or other subtle elements are connected with false activities.

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Sassa R350 Allow extortion records:

SASSA employments different criminal and extortion records databases, counting that of the South African Extortion Avoidance Administrations. SASSA approves the applicant’s data with these databases to distinguish potential extortion activities

SASSA may too allude arbitrarily your application to a point by point audit that may incorporate extra checks and confirm. Referrals for extortion chance evaluation are a prudent measure that SASSA employments to preserve the keenness of SRD R350 applications.

In the event that you get an e-mail expressing that your application will be subjected to extortion chance evaluation, remaining calm and quiet is best. SASSA is committed to guaranteeing that the SRD R350 Program is reasonable and legitimate. They are taking all vital steps to avoid fraud.

If you don’t mind be mindful that SASSA may allude to an application for extortion chance evaluation for different reasons. SASSA will make this choice based on its inner arrangements and forms. These referrals don’t reflect your astuteness or your qualification for the SRD R350 Grant. 

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Referred SAFPS ?

In the setting of the South African Social Security Organization (SASSA), the “Referred SAFPS” status demonstrates that the applicant’s ID number has been hailed by the South African Extortion Avoidance Benefit (SAFPS) due to potential involvement in false exercises or high-risk exercises. When an candidate experiences this status, they must take prompt activity and give verification that the issue has been cleared. Typically done by emailing


SASSA Referred Status

SASSA Referred  Status


 It is vital to address this matter instantly and outfit the vital prove to resolve any concerns raised by the SAFPS and guarantee the legitimacy of the application. In case there are any challenges or troubles in understanding the reason for the referral, it is fitting to look for help from companions, family, or community bolster services.

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Sassa Contact: 

By emailing, the candidate can get to a committed communication channel with the SASSA authorities capable for taking care of such referrals. This email serves as a implies to supply the fundamental data and prove to fulfill the concerns raised by the SAFPS. It is vital that the candidate takes after the desired informational and submits the asked documentation promptly.

Guaranteeing that the data you provide is honest, exact, and irrefutable is fundamental. Giving wrong or deceiving data can lead to encourage complications and delays in the application audit handle. The SAFPS depends on the data submitted by candidates to assess and address any concerns related to false or high-risk activities.

Keep in mind :

In case there are challenges in understanding the reason for a referral, looking for help from companions, family, or community bolster administrations can be useful. These people can give direction and back in exploring the complexities of the referral handle. They can offer profitable experiences, assist you assemble the vital prove, and address your application appropriately.

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 Final words:

By expeditiously tending to and settling the alluded SAFPS status, candidates can continue with the application without assist delays or deterrents. It is fundamental to preserve straightforwardness and give precise data to guarantee the authenticity of the application.