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SASSA Social Grant Increases for 2024

Social Grants Overview

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) oversees all social grant payments in South Africa. These grants encompass a variety of support programs, including the SRD Grant, Disability Grant, Older Persons (Pensioners) Grant, War Veterans’ Grant, and the Child Support Grant, among others, aimed at assisting those in need across the country.

Social Grant Increases for 2024

SASSA has announced the increases in social grants for the year 2024, effective from 1st April.

SASSA Older Persons Grant

Formerly known as the Pensioners Grant, this support system aids retirement-age South Africans. The new payout for this grant is: R2180 + R20.

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SASSA War Veterans Grant

Designed for individuals who have served in the armed forces, the War Veterans Grant sees an increase to: R2180 + R20.

SASSA Disability Grant

Providing assistance to disabled South Africans, the Disability Grant’s new amount is R2,180, subject to a Means Test and medical assessment for qualification.

SASSA Payment Increase Implemented

SASSA Care Dependency Grant

This grant caters to specific conditions and households, maintaining a payout of R2,180.

SASSA Foster Child Grant

Allocated for foster children, this grant now stands at: R1,180.

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Child Support Grant & Top-Up

The Child Support Grant sees an increase to: R530. Additionally, the Child Support Top-Up Grant now totals: R530 + R260.

Grant In-Aid

Intended for caregivers needing extra assistance, the In-Aid Grant has increased to: R530.

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Contact Information

For inquiries or grant applications, individuals can reach out to SASSA via email at or call them at +27 80 060 1011.

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