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SASSA SRD Forget Phone NumberSASSA SRD Forget Phone Number

SASSA SRD Forget Phone Number

Many South Africans depend on the SASSA SRD Forget Phone Number for economic support. However, having access to and managing your utility can be difficult if you’ve got forgotten the telephone range related with your account. This article outlines the a number of strategies reachable to get better your smartphone wide variety and regain get admission to to your Sassa SRD application.

Importance of Phone Number

The smartphone wide variety you furnished all through software performs a fundamental position in receiving updates and conversation from Sassa. This includes:

Application repute updates

  • One-time passwords (OTPs) for verification
  • Payment notifications
  • Recovering Your Forgotten Phone Number:
  • Sassa SRD Website:
  • Visit the Sassa SRD website: status.
  • Click on “Update Your Contact Details.”
  • Enter your South African ID range and the 6-digit Application ID (AppID) furnished upon application.
  • If you take into account the smartphone range vaguely, enter the first few digits to see if any matching preferences appear.
  • However, if you totally forgot the number, proceed to the subsequent methods.

Sassa Contact Center

Call Sassa’s toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11. Explain your state of affairs to the consultant and grant them with your ID variety and any other applicable details. The consultant may additionally information you thru safety tests and ask you questions to confirm your identity. Once verified, they may additionally be capable to aid you in retrieving your telephone quantity or updating it with a new one.

SASSA SRD Forget Phone Number
SASSA SRD Forget Phone Number

Sassa Local Office

Visit your nearest Sassa neighborhood office. Bring a legitimate shape of identification (ID) and any software archives you possess. Explain your state of affairs to a Sassa authentic and request help in improving your cellphone number. Be organized to reply questions to confirm your identification and possession of the SRD application.

Sassa WhatsApp

Save the Sassa WhatsApp number, 82 forty six 8553, on your phone. Send a message pronouncing “Hi.” Sassa will reply with a menu of options. Choose “Get OTP Code.”

You will be brought on to enter your reference number. However, this approach requires get right of entry to to the authentic smartphone number. If you can’t get admission to the authentic number, brush aside this alternative and discover the preceding methods.

SASSA Cellphone

Updating your cellphone range may additionally take some processing time. Ensure you have get right of entry to to a working telephone variety earlier than initiating the replace on the Sassa website. Sassa prioritizes safety and may additionally behavior verification exams earlier than processing your request. Be affected person and cooperative throughout the process.


In conclusion, forgetting your SASSA SRD Forget Phone Number can be stressful, however there are numerous avenues reachable to retrieve or replace it. By following the outlined strategies and being affected person at some stage in the process, you can regain get right of entry to to your Sassa SRD software except an awful lot hassle.


How lengthy does it take to replace my telephone variety on the Sassa website?

Updating your cellphone wide variety on the Sassa internet site may additionally differ in processing time however typically takes a few days to mirror the changes.

What files must I convey to the Sassa neighborhood workplace for assistance?

Bring a legitimate structure of identification (ID) and any application archives associated to your SRD grant.

Can I replace my telephone wide variety thru email?

No, updating your telephone variety commonly requires direct contact thru the Sassa website, contact center, neighborhood office, or WhatsApp.

What ought to I do if I suspect fraudulent exercise involving my Sassa account?

Contact Sassa straight away thru their professional channels and document any suspicious activity.

Can I replace my cellphone wide variety on-line barring verifying my identity?

No, Sassa prioritizes protection and requires verification of identification earlier than updating any non-public statistics online.