Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

SASSA SRD R350 Allow Expanded to R370

The Social Alleviation of Trouble (SRD) give, too known as the R350 give, will be expanded from R350 to R370 beginning in April 2024.

Finance Serve Enoch Godongwana declared the increment in the National Get together on Wednesday evening, Walk 13th, 2024. This alteration speaks to a 5.7% increment, measuring to an R20 raise from R350 to R370.

This news comes as a welcome help for the roughly 9 million South Africans who depend exclusively on the COVID-19 SRD allow and are battling due to the rising fetched of living.

Official Declaration of SRD Give Increase

In his February budget discourse 2024, Fund Serve Enoch Godongwana declared that the SRD allow would be expanding this year, but it was hazy from which month the increment would take put. At long last, the increment is formally announced.

Now, amid his sitting in the National Get together on Walk 13th, 2024, Serve Godongwana stated:

I am satisfied to say that we have found agreement that in between, subject to the finalization of the comprehensive social security program, we’ll increment the R350 to R370 by the 1st of April this year. That is portion of the dynamic realization of the fundamental rights of our people.

Finance Serve Enoch Godongwana

So, it is presently clear that the R350 allow will be expanded to R370 beginning from April 2024.

Budget Allotment for Social Awards in 2024/2025

The R33.6 billion budget is distributed for social gifts in 2024/2025. At first, it was set to R36 billion, but due to a few imperatives, it was diminished to R33.6 billion.

However, the government still fulfills its commitment to social welfare by endorsing the increment in the SRD give. This choice reflects the prioritization of supporting the citizens indeed in the confront of budget constraints.

SASSA SRD Allow Expanded Until Walk 2025

The SASSA SRD give was started in reaction to the COVID-19 widespread, amid which endless businesses were constrained to near, and millions misplaced their occupations. At first, it was to offer assistance the citizens amid COVID-19, but afterward, the government recognized the continuous require for bolster and in this way expanded the allow different times.

Building on this acknowledgment, the government has encourage expanded the allow until Walk 2025, with the plausibility of advance extensions.

Future of SRD Grant

The government has communicated intrigued in amplifying the SRD give. In any case, securing a changeless source of subsidizing remains a challenge. They are as of now investigating ways to guarantee reliable money related back for the program.

The Back Serve tended to this issue amid the MTBP (Medium Term Budget Approach) held on November 2nd, 2023:

“If that or a comparative sort of modern allow is made changeless, recipients are anticipated to grow from 27.3 million in 2023/24 to 40.4 million in 2040/41, which will taken a toll 3.8 % of GDP in 2040/41 and require a comparing lasting source of financing, such as extra income measures.”

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Finance Serve Enoch Godongwana

So, the future of SRD awards looks shinning, but the government as it were needs to discover ways to give lasting financing. Ideally, this declaration will be included in the another budget.


In rundown, expanding the SASSA SRD R350 allow to R370, beginning April 2024, gives much-needed help for millions of South Africans battling with rising living costs. In spite of budget imperatives, the government remains committed to supporting citizens, reflecting its devotion to social welfare.


When will the increment in the SASSA SRD R350 allow to R370 take effect?

The increment from R350 to R370 will take impact from April 1st, 2024, as formally declared by Back Serve Enoch Godongwana amid a sitting in the National Get together on Walk 13th, 2024.

Who is qualified for the SRD grant?

To be qualified, people must be between 18 and 60 a long time ancient, not be getting any other social awards, unemployment protections benefits, or stipends from the National Understudy Monetary Help Conspire, and have no other source of income.

How do I apply for the SASSA SRD grant?

Applications can be submitted through the SASSA SRD site, WhatsApp line, or USSD benefit. You’ll require to give your ID number, contact subtle elements, and address.

What records do I require to apply for the SRD grant?

A substantial South African ID and confirmation of address are the essential archives required. Extra documentation may be asked to demonstrate your monetary status.

How long does the SRD allow last?

The SRD give is regularly given on a month-to-month premise, and the length of its accessibility can be subject to government declarations and accessible funding.

Can I apply for the SRD allow if I am unemployed but getting a pension?

No, if you are getting any other social allow, counting a annuity, you are not qualified for the SRD grant.

How will I know if my SRD allow application is approved?

SASSA will inform candidates of the result of their application by means of SMS or you can check the status online on the SASSA SRD website.

How and when do I get my SRD give payment?

Payments are made month to month through the strategy you chosen amid application, which can incorporate bank exchange, cash send, or collection at a post office, or maybe than a Sassa office.

What ought to I do if my SRD allow application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you have the right to request the choice. Data on the requests handle is accessible on the SASSA website.

Can I reapply for the SRD allow if my budgetary circumstance changes?

Yes, if your budgetary circumstances alter and you ended up qualified, you can reapply for the SRD give.