Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

SASSA SRD R350 Payment Been Increased to R370? Fact Check

Government’s Social Grants Allocation

The South African government has disclosed its financial plans for social grants, earmarking R33.6 billion for such assistance in the upcoming year. This funding is crucial for supporting individuals who require financial aid.

Status of SRD Grant

While the government has allocated substantial funds for social grants, it has decided against increasing the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant at this time. Initially introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist struggling individuals, the SRD Grant will not see an increase presently. Although the government’s budget for social grants reflects a significant commitment to aiding people, constraints prevent increases across all grants for the time being.

SASSA Payment Increase Implemented

Updates on SASSA Social Grants

Certain recipients of government assistance will experience slight increments in their grants. For instance, older individuals receiving pensions will receive an additional R90 in April, bringing their total to R2,180, followed by a further R10 increase in October, totaling R2,190. These adjustments aim to alleviate financial burdens for various demographics, including the elderly, war veterans, persons with disabilities, and caregivers.

Potential Increase in SRD Grant

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered widespread economic challenges globally, leading the South African government to introduce the SRD Grant to alleviate socio-economic impacts. Plans are underway to enhance and extend the SRD grant, with anticipated adjustments by May 2024. This extension is expected to broaden the grant’s coverage and enhance its financial assistance to eligible recipients.

Social Grant Changes for South Africa This Month: What You Need to Know

Considerations for Grant Extension

However, extending the grant beyond March 2025 hinges on completing social security policy reforms and securing sustainable funding sources. This is critical for ensuring the grant’s long-term financial viability and sustainability.

April 2024 Grant Payment Adjustments

Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming grant adjustments and their impact on beneficiaries:

  • Foster Care: A R50 increase to R1,180, benefiting 222,317 individuals.
  • Child Support: A R20 increase to R530, benefiting over 13 million individuals.
  • Old Age (>75 years): An R100 increase to R2,210, aiding nearly 4 million individuals.
  • Other Grants: Various groups, including individuals under 75, those with disabilities, care dependencies, and war veterans, will also experience significant increases.
Why NOW’s the Best Time for SASSA Old-Age Grants in South Africa

Government’s Review and Future Strategy

The government is formulating a comprehensive social security strategy expected to be finalized within three years. The COVID Social Relief of Distress grant will continue to support 8 million individuals monthly until the 2024-2025 period. Additionally, the government plans to allocate R61 billion for employment schemes over the medium term, along with an extra R7 billion for the Presidential Employment Initiative. These budgetary revisions aim to promote sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities.

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