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The distinct COVID-19 Social Relief Distress (SRD) furnish initiated in May 2020 aimed to alleviate monetary burdens amidst the sizeable job losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. SASSA SRD Status even after two years, the R350 furnish continues to be a lifeline for many of the nation’s poorest humans who lack the economic potential to assist themselves.

Awaiting Reapplication Status

If you have formerly utilized for the SASSA R350 SRD Grant however now stumble upon the message “Awaiting Reapplication” when checking your SASSA status, it suggests the want to reapply for the SRD Covid-19 Grant. This repute implies that SASSA has now not obtained your application, making reapplication necessary.

Criteria for SRD Grant Eligibility

Before reapplying for the SRD Grant, make certain that you meet all the criteria, along with age necessities and capacity tests. The full listing of SRD Grant standards can be observed on the authentic SASSA website.

Methods of Applying for the SRD Grant

To observe by WhatsApp, comply with these easy steps:

  • Add the Govchat contact range eighty two 46 8553 to your SASSA cellphone.
  • Initiate the technique by way of sending “Hello” to the contact and comply with the prompts provided.
  • Provide correct private records as requested, making sure correctness to keep away from software rejection.
  • Upon completion, you will get hold of a reference number, OTP, and a hyperlink to finalize your provide application.
  • Visit the furnished link, insert your OTP, and confirm your utility details.
  • Confirm all supplied details, such as your full title and ID number.

Applying with the aid of the SRD Website

To follow by way of the SASSA SRD website, observe these steps:

  • Visit the authentic SASSA SRD internet site and navigate to the applicable software web page based totally on your status.
  • Provide accurate non-public information, making sure correctness to keep away from software rejection.
  • Request an SMS to acquire your OTP.
  • Insert your OTP and confirm your pin.
  • Upon completion, you may acquire a reference number—keep this protected for future reference.
  • Second Stage of SRD Grant Application
  • Following the preliminary application, the 2nd stage entails analyzing and agreeing to the phrases and stipulations outlined in the statement and consent forms.

Payment Method for SRD Grant

After finishing the utility process, select your favored charge method. Options include. Personal financial institution account Cash send If opting for the non-public financial institution account method, supply your banking small print accurately, inclusive of financial institution name, account number, account type, and department name.


The system of making use of for the SASSA SRD Status is easy however requires interest to element to make certain profitable application. By grasp the “Awaiting Reapplication” fame and following the outlined steps diligently, eligible persons can get admission to the much-needed monetary assist furnished by way of the SRD Grant.


What does the “Awaiting Reapplication” fame mean?

This fame shows that SASSA has now not obtained your preceding software for the SRD Grant, necessitating reapplication.

What are the eligibility standards for the SRD Grant?

Eligibility standards consist of age necessities and skill tests. Refer to the reliable SASSA internet site for the full listing of criteria.

How can I observe for the SRD Grant by using WhatsApp?

Add the Govchat contact number, provoke the technique by means of sending “Hello,” and comply with the furnished prompts to whole your application.

What files are required for the SRD Grant application?

No files are required. SASSA conducts verification assessments to decide eligibility.

What charge techniques are handy for the SRD Grant?

You can select between a non-public financial institution account or money ship for receiving your provide money.