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SASSA Status checkSASSA Status check

SASSA Status check

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) affords crucial help to eligible residents thru a range of grants. Among these is the RD350 grant, SASSA Status check which ambitions to aid folks going through monetary hardship. If you’re between 18 and 60 years ancient and meet precise eligibility criteria, you should qualify for this grant.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the SASSA R350 grant, you have to meet positive requirements. You ought to no longer be receiving any different social grants, lack monetary guide from different sources, and be ineligible for UIF payments. This supply ambitions people who certainly lack the potential to guide themselves adequately.

SASSA Application Process

Applying for the RD350 provide entails finishing the SASSA software form. This structure can be got from SASSA places of work or downloaded from their respectable website. It’s integral to fill out the structure precisely and connect all imperative documentation earlier than submitting it to the nearest SASSA workplace for processing.

Checking SASSA Status

Once you have utilized for the RD350 grant, you will choose to hold song of your utility status. You can do this by way of traveling the legitimate SASSA internet site and navigating to the ‘Check My Status’ page. Here, you may want to furnish your identification small print to get right of entry to your software status.

Pending Status

It’s no longer distinctive for candidates to discover their SASSA popularity listed as “pending.” This genuinely skill that their utility is nevertheless being processed. SASSA periodically updates candidates on the development of their applications, and pending popularity may additionally point out that repayments are forthcoming.

SASSA Status check
SASSA Status check

Resolving Pending Status

If your popularity stays pending for an prolonged period, you might also surprise how to get to the bottom of it. SASSA commonly releases repayments in cycles, and delays can take place due to a number of factors. However, relaxation certain that SASSA is actively working to clear pending functions and distribute repayments promptly.

SASSA Payment Dates and Schedule

SASSA broadcasts charge dates for the SRD R350 Grant provide every month. If you acquire your supply by way of the put up office, these dates are posted monthly. For financial institution recipients, repayments are made besides a particular nation date. Additionally, SASSA gives alternatives to take a look at your stability by cellphone for introduced convenience.

SASSA Balance

You can effortlessly take a look at your SASSA stability through dialing 1203210# on your phone. If this code would not work, an choice is dialing 12069277#. These offerings allow recipients to remain up to date on their provide balances and music repayments efficiently.

SASSA Status Check by using WhatsApp

For these preferring digital communication, SASSA gives repute exams through WhatsApp. Simply ship a message to eighty two forty six 8553 to inquire about your utility status. This SASSA function affords a handy way to remain knowledgeable about your RD350 furnish application.


The SASSA Status check furnish serves as a lifeline for humans going through economic problem in South Africa. By adhering to the utility system and staying knowledgeable about your status, you can get entry to imperative help when needed. SASSA stays dedicated to supporting eligible residents and making sure well timed supply payments.


How lengthy does it take to acquire the RD350 furnish after applying?

The processing time for RD350 supply purposes varies, however SASSA strives to whole them as directly as possible.

Can I practice for the RD350 supply if I’m already receiving every other social grant?

No, the RD350 provide is in particular for men and women no longer receiving any different social grants.

What need to I do if my SASSA fame stays pending for an prolonged period?

If your repute stays pending, proceed to reveal updates from SASSA. They work to unravel pending purposes and distribute repayments efficiently.

Is there a precise time table for RD350 provide payments?

Yes, SASSA broadcasts charge dates every month, and recipients can take a look at these dates through the put up workplace or bank.

Can I take a look at my SASSA stability the usage of my phone?

Yes, you can dial unique codes on your smartphone to take a look at your SASSA balance, providing a handy way to continue to be up to date on your supply status.