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Sassa Status Check Appeal 

The President has affirmed that the SRD Grant is here to remain – and is progressing to be progressed. So its still worth submitting an offer on the off chance that you were rejected unjustifiably for the R350 grant. Here is how the method you ought to take after and details on how long you’ll anticipate to hold up.

SASSA Grant Administrator Salary

The South African Social Security Organization (Sassa) is as of now within the handle of paying out the Social Help of Trouble (SRD) allow to qualifying candidates for the current month. In any case, the office has moreover presented a unused offers handle through which candidates can guarantee that they have get to to the grant.

The unused R350 give offers are managed by the Free Tribunal for Social Help (ITSAA) and are expecting only for SRD give recipients, and permits you to have your SRD application reassessed in the event that it was rejected.

What is the Social Help of Trouble (SRD) Allow and what is an appeal

The Social Help of Trouble (SRD) or R350 give from Sassa alludes to the Extraordinary COVID-19 give, briefly presented as an crisis give by the South African government, in reaction to the COVID-19 widespread. The great news is that the R350 give is presently a lasting include of the government’s social bolster.

SRD Sassa Cancel Application

The SRD allow gives a month to month installment of R350 to qualified people who were not accepting any other frame of wage or social gifts. It points to supply brief budgetary help, from the South African government, to those who were unemployed, incapable to work, or confronted budgetary hardship due to the Covid-19 widespread and the coming about lockdown measures. The country’s most defenseless citizens receive social grants.To qualify for the SRD allow, candidates ought to meet certain criteria set by Sassa, counting income thresholds and citizenship necessities. Make beyond any doubt that you simply all the upgraded and imperative points of interest significant to the R350 give; you’ll be able your application online on the SRD stage. 

How Do I know In the event that My R350 Request Is Approved?

The application handle includes submitting pertinent records and data given to Sassa for verification through the Division of Social Advancement and Domestic Affairs.

Sassa Payment Process

An offer application is what a Sassa allow candidate can yield in the event that they want their allow application reassessed, in case it was rejected the primary time. Basically, Sassa’s appeals process gives an opportunity for candidates who believe that their changeless give applications were outlandishly declined to rethink their application, on the off chance that the first decision was to dismiss the application.

Sassa will moreover give you with a reason as to why your application was not fruitful. You’ll know on the off chance that your appeal is endorsed once you listen back from the request tribunal. This will as a rule be by means of a message to you cellphone number, or might be a message to your account on the Sassa website.

How Long Does SASSA Offer Take

In terms of how long you have got hold up some time recently you get input with respect to the result of your effectively submitted request application, Sassa has expressed that the Autonomous Tribunal will illuminate you of your request status electronically, through a affirmation message, inside a period of 60 – 90 days from lodging of the appeal. You can keep track your appeal status meanwhile , but keep in intellect, the request status prepare may take a few time on Sassa’s side as there are millions of candidates that have moreover submitted SRD grant appeals.So of course the most critical address you may have is how long does a Sassa offer take? – and hopefully it’ll be a decently smooth handle. In any case a few individuals do have to be longer than others and you should track your Sassa status check request to keep on beat of the method. It takes a whereas to induce through each applicant’s request application. R350 give candidates can yield their application appeals by following these steps. This is often the Sassa status check offer prepare will work.

SASSA Online Application

Sassa Status Request Approved

The result you will be searching for is to have your Sassa status request endorsed. Meaning that they have acknowledged your application and offer and you may be getting the allow again.

On the off chance that you offer is affirmed at that point your instalment will be approved once more and you ought to get your instalment at the another instalment date. 


How To Yield R350 Allow Request Beneath Unused Rules


Tap on the green bar that says ‘click here to hold up an request or check request status’

Enter your ID number

Enter your cell phone number

Tap ‘send pin’ and hold up for the SMS which will contain the confirmation pin

Enter the stick and tap ‘submit’

Select the month you’re submitting an offer for

Select the drop down arrow and select the reason for your offer 

Click ‘submit’

How Do I Change My Number On SASSA

This, concurring with Sassa, applies to all requests from April 2022 and onwards. Even on the off chance that the candidate has submitted an appeal earlier to this period on the old SRD site, Sassa requires eligible South African citizens or others who qualify but have been rejected to appeal again on the modern site. The offer handle for the SRD grant is as a rule exceptionally efficient.

The ITSAA consolidated its strategies with those of Sassa, which at that point resulted in a negligible offers handle because the Autonomous Tribunal as of now had information from Sassa.

How To Track Your Sassa Status Check Appeal Status

To check on your Sassa give offer status you require to have your ID number with you. Usually how you track your give offer to discover out what your appeal status is.

Steps To Track Your Request Status

Go to Sassa Offers Website

Enter ID number

Enter your cell phone number

Track your appeal

Then again, you’ll call the Sassa Call Centre on their toll-free number which is 0800 601 011. On the off chance that you’ve as of now submitted an request, you do not got to yield another or contact the Sassa office.

The request will be listened by the Social Improvement Autonomous Tribunal.

The result of your request will be transferred through a affirmation message through SMS.

You can studied our total direct on how to form a give offer to Sassa.

 When you need to check your offer status we are here to assist with a comprehensive direct to the Sassa offer process.

There is additionally video with points of interest on the Sassa offer process. 

Once you have your offer to Sassa’s Social Development Independent Tribunal you require to make sure that you on the status of your appeal.

Once your Sassa SRD status check appeal has been affirmed effectively, installments will at that point be made from the month you at first connected. You ought to make beyond any doubt that Sassa has your bank account points of interest so that the give can be paid to you directly.

What Is The Qualification Criteria For The SRD Grant?

Although the SRD grant was actualized as a transitory social help degree amid the widespread, it has been expanded different times. You’ll apply for the SRD grant, but there are a number of qualification prerequisites that you simply require to meet.

Citizenship: Applicants need to be South African citizens, lasting inhabitants, or displaced people registered with the Division of Domestic Affairs.

Age: Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 60 a long time old.

Wage: Candidates are required to have little to no salary. The correct income thresholds are decided by SASSA and subject to alter. For the most part, people who earned over a certain sum (particularly decided by SASSA) were not qualified for the grant 

Unemployment: Candidates must be unemployed and not accepting any other frame of salary or 

social gifts or cash from the Unemployment Protections Support (UIF payment).

Implies Test: SASSA conducts a implies test to decide qualification. The implies test surveys the financial circumstances of the applicant and their household to determine if they qualify for the grant.

Application: Applicants ought to for the SRD grant through the specified channels set up by SASSA. The application process requires providing personal information, contact details and supporting documentation.

How To Cancel Your SASSA R350 Grant Application:

If for any reason you would like to cancel your relief of distress grant you’ll be so by visiting the Sassa SRD website.

Step 1: Go to the Sassa SRD website: 

Step 2: Scroll down to the Cancel my Application tab.

Step 3: Click on the yellow button which says ‘click here to cancel online’.

Step 4: Provide your ID number and mobile number, then click ‘send pin’.

Step 5: You will receive an SMS with a 6 digit One Time Pin (OTP) number.

Step 6: Client must insert the OTP number on the required field to verify the pin.

Step 7: Then click ‘cancel my grant’.

Step 8: A message will pop up to ask if the applicant is sure about the cancellation of the grant.

Step 9: Click yes to continue with the cancellation or click no to discard.

What Other Grants Does Sassa Provide?

The Department of Social Development and the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) currently provide eight social grants in total, meant to supply support to citizens who are receiving income that’s little, or who are receiving no income at all. 

Citizens who wish to become recipients of these existing Sassa grants need to meet certain eligibility requirements that will be double checked by the Department of Home Affairs’ database.

Old Age Pension: This grant is intended for elderly South Africans who have reached the qualifying age of 60 for women and 65 for men 

Disability Grant: This grant is designed for individuals with disabilities who are unable to support themselves financially due to their disability.

Child Support Grant: This grant provides financial assistance to caregivers or parents to help with the essential and care of children under the age of 18.

Foster Care Grant: This grant supports caregivers who have legally taken responsibility for a child in foster care. It provides financial assistance for the care and well-being of the child.

Care Dependency Grant: This grant is specifically for parents or guardians who are caring for children with severe disabilities that require constant care and supervision.

Grant-in-Aid: This grant is available to individuals who receive a care dependency grant or a disability grant and require full-time care and support from another person

Who Is Sassa?

Sassa is an important government agency that provides social assistance and financial support to vulnerable individuals and families in South Africa. The agency is responsible for the distribution of social grants, which include child support grants, disability grants, old age pensions, among others.Through its programmes, Sassa has played a crucial role in alleviating poverty and providing a safety net for millions of people across the country.

While the agency has faced some challenges, including issues related to fraud and corruption, it remains an essential part of the country’s social protection system, and its work has had a significant impact on the lives of many South Africans.For more information about any Sassa grant and information related to a grant appeal or appeal status, how to apply and the latest updates from Sassa, you can visit the Sassa section of our website.

If you have any queries or require additional information, you’ll SASSA directly using the Agency’s contact details. This is SASSA’s phone number: 0800 60 10 11. If you wish change your banking details or cellphone details with Sassa you’ll be that via the official website at