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SASSA Status Check for R350SASSA Status Check for R350

SASSA Status Check for R350

Have you utilized for the SASSA Status Check for R350 supply and are searching for a way to test your software status? Do the SASSA reputation take a look at and see fee dates for the SRD R350 supply on line via getting into the applicant’s telephone and South African ID numbers.

SASSA SRD Grant Application Status

To take a look at the SASSA SRD provide status, go to Enter your South African ID and cellphone variety used at some stage in the application. Click “Check Status” to view approval fame and charge dates. Alternatively, test by using smartphone call, SMS, Moya app, or at SASSA offices.

Software ID for SASSA

You would possibly be wondering about how to test the Application ID for SRD; the software ID is required to test the popularity of the application. This is the special 13-digit South African ID range of each and every resident of South Africa.


The cellphone wide variety used at some point of the utility system is required to test the SASSA status. Ensure you have get right of entry to to this range to proceed with the fame check.

SASSA Application Status

The purpose to take a look at the fame is that after making use of for the grant, the recipients need to test whether or not their software is familiar or declined. The repute tells about every recipient’s software fame and charge dates.


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SASSA Status Check for R350
SASSA Status Check for R350

SASSA Appeal Status Check

In case your provide used to be in the past rejected and now you have resolved the issue, you can enchantment for the provide and test its popularity afterward. The method for the enchantment reputation take a look at is similar. Go to the SRD fame take a look at shape above and enter your cellphone variety and SASSA South African ID number. The web page will reload with the attraction popularity of your application.

SRD Status Check for R350 

SRD R350 furnish fee dates are exclusive for each person. Normally, the pay is on the twentieth of every month, and if the twentieth falls on a weekend, the subsequent enterprise day is the payday. To test your actual R350 pay date, test your SRD status. You will get your pay date.

If you have a SASSA card, you can withdraw money for free at ATMs the usage of your card and PIN. You can additionally get money lower back on purchases at Shoprite, Boxer, or Pick n Pay stores.

If you desire to see charge dates for different grants, such as Disability Grants or Child Support Grant, you can test them on the under link.

SASSA repute of SRD grant

There are 5 strategies for SASSA SRD Status Check: checking online, via smartphone calls, data-free the usage of the Moya app or Govchat, via an SMS, or, at last, via any SASSA office. At the pinnacle of this page, enter your South African ID Number and the cell quantity you entered whilst making use of for the grant. (Your important points are now not saved; the small print you enter above are used to seem up your records from the legitimate servers.)

  • Then press the “Check Status” Button.
  • The tab will reload with your status.
  • Now, without difficulty scroll via the consequences and see your payday as properly as the repute of your application.

SASSA Status via Phone Call

If the Govt. internet site is down, or you don’t have get right of entry to to the internet, you can additionally operate an SRD fame take a look at thru a telephone call. Here is how to do it. Do the SASSA fame take a look at of the SRD on line software by means of calling the toll-free wide variety 0800601011 and get the actual SASSA R350 charge dates. Dial the use of the smartphone quantity that you used at some stage in the utility process. Answer the vital identification question, which ought to be your date of birth, and you will be guided by means of an agent about your popularity afterward.

Moya App

You can additionally take a look at SASSA SRD reputation except the usage of records with the aid of putting in free apps like Moya fame app or GovChat. Do be aware that putting in these apps as soon as would use your data, however as soon as both is installed, you can test your software fame except any data. Here is how to do it. You can use apps like Moya or GovChat. These apps work in a similar way to the above form. You ought to grant both your Phone Number and Your SASSA reference ID number. Then, you will get your status.

Once your software is permitted and you get a notification SMS confirmation, you can withdraw the amount. You can additionally exchange the financial institution account small print of all purposes submitted earlier than March 2023. Do contact SASSA if you have any questions.

Check SRD Status thru SMS

To take a look at the repute via SMS, comply with the under two-step process. Send an SMS to 32555 in the following format: STATUS ID Number. You will get your repute in a reply. Do be aware that it isn’t free, and the sending price of the message will apply.

Offline Status Check thru Offices

The South African authorities is conscious of the scenario of South African citizens. Those who are making use of for this sustainability furnish can’t manage to pay for the brand new cellular telephones and net connections. For this reason, they can additionally take a look at their reputation via any SASSA office.


Checking your SASSA Status Check for R350 supply repute and charge dates is fundamental to make sure you obtain the aid you need. Utilize the a number of strategies available, such as on line platforms, telephone calls, apps, SMS, and journeying SASSA offices, to continue to be up to date on your utility status.


How frequently ought to I test my SASSA SRD provide status?

It is beneficial to take a look at your fame regularly, specially if you are looking forward to price or have encountered any problems all through the utility process.

Can I enchantment if my SASSA SRD supply software is rejected?

Yes, you can attraction the selection if your utility is rejected. Follow the furnished directions to attraction and test the repute afterward.

What have to I do if I come across mistakes whilst checking my SASSA SRD provide status?

If you come across mistakes or difficulties whilst checking your status, strive the usage of choice strategies such as telephone calls or traveling SASSA offices. You can additionally contact SASSA for assistance.

How can I replace my financial institution account small print for the SRD furnish if I’ve submitted fallacious information?

If you want to replace your financial institution account small print for the SRD grant, you must contact SASSA directly. They will information you via the technique and furnish help in updating your statistics to make certain seamless payments.

Is there a cut-off date for checking the SASSA SRD furnish status?

While there isn’t always a strict cut-off date for checking your SASSA SRD supply status, it is indispensable to do so quickly to continue to be knowledgeable about your application’s development and fee dates. Regularly checking your popularity will assist you tackle any problems that may also occur promptly.