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SASSA RD350 Grant: Eligibility and Application Process

Understanding SASSA RD350 Grant Eligibility Criteria

If you are a South African citizen aged between 18 and 60, you may qualify for the SASSA RD350 grant, a financial assistance program designed to support individuals with insufficient means. To be eligible, applicants must meet specific criteria, including not receiving social grants on behalf of anyone, lacking financial support from other sources, and not contributing to or qualifying for UIF payments.

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Initiating the Application Process

To apply for the SASSA RD350 grant, the first step involves completing the official SASSA application form. Obtain the form from SASSA offices or download it from the official website. Ensure all sections are filled out accurately and submit the form, along with required supporting documentation, to the nearest SASSA office.

Importance of Completing the Application in Full

It is crucial to emphasize that incomplete applications will not be processed. The SASSA application form must be thoroughly completed, and all necessary documents must accompany the submission for the application to be considered.

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Seeking Assistance and Clarifications

Applicants with questions about the SASSA RD350 grant or the application process can reach out to SASSA directly. Alternatively, consulting a social worker or a SALSA-registered NGO can provide valuable assistance.

Checking SASSA RD350 Status

For those keen on monitoring the progress of their application, the SASSA RD350 status check can be performed conveniently through the official SASSA website. Alternatively, our platform offers an online tool for a quick and effective RD350 status check. However, if individuals prefer using the official portal, the steps include:

Visit the official SASSA website.

Navigate to the “Check My Status” option.

Input necessary information like ID number or application reference number.

Click on the “Submit” button to view the RD350 SASSA status.

Understanding Pending Status and Payment Updates

If the SASSA status appears as “Pending,” it indicates that the applicant is not yet eligible to receive the RD350 grant. SASSA is actively distributing the new cycle of the special COVID-19 SRD grant, with payments set to commence in mid-June. Outstanding payments from the previous cycle will be cleared as bank details are confirmed, ensuring a streamlined process.

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SASSA RD350 Payment Dates

The SASSA status check for RD350 payment dates is essential for beneficiaries. The payment schedule is released monthly by the South African Social Security Agency. Grant recipients can find payment dates at the post office, while those receiving payments through banks do not have specific state payment dates. To check the RD350 grant balance, dial *120*3210# or, if needed, *120*69277#.


In conclusion, understanding the eligibility criteria, the application process, and utilizing the SASSA status check tools ensures a smoother experience for applicants seeking the RD350 grant. Regular updates on pending statuses and payment dates contribute to transparent communication and efficient disbursement of financial aid.