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SASSA Status check R350SASSA Status check R350

SASSA Status check R350

If you are a South African citizen between the ages of 18 and 60 years old and meet the eligibility criteria, you may be eligible to receive the SASSA Status check R350. This grant is designed to provide assistance to individuals with insufficient means and is available to those not receiving other social grants, lacking financial support from other sources, and ineligible for UIF payment.

SASSA R350 Grant

The SASSA R350 Grant stands as a crucial support system for many South African citizens facing financial challenges. This grant, aimed at individuals between 18 and 60 years old, offers vital assistance to those in need.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the SASSA R350 Grant, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria. This includes being a South African citizen, falling within the specified age range, and not receiving other social grants or financial support.The application process for the SASSA R350 Grant involves completing the necessary forms available at SASSA offices or online. Applicants must ensure all required documentation is submitted to avoid delays in processing.


SASSA Status for R350 Grant

Applicants can easily check their SASSA status online via the official website. Alternatively, phone and WhatsApp options are available for those unable to access the online system. A “Pending” status indicates that an application is still being processed. Reasons for pending status may vary, but applicants can expect updates on payment schedules.

Payment Dates for SASSA R350 Grant

Payment dates for the SASSA R350 Grant are scheduled monthly by the South African Social Security Agency. Various methods, including bank deposits and postal services, are utilized for payment distribution.

Checking SASSA Status via Phone and WhatsApp

Applicants can check their SASSA status via phone by dialing the provided code or through WhatsApp messaging. These alternative methods ensure accessibility for all applicants.


The SASSA Status check R350 serves as a lifeline for many South Africans facing financial hardship. By understanding the application process, checking status updates, and staying informed about payment schedules, eligible individuals can access this vital support.


How long does it take for a SASSA R350 Grant application to be processed?

The processing time for SASSA R350 Grant applications may vary. Applicants are encouraged to check their status regularly for updates.

What should I do if my SASSA status remains pending for an extended period?

If your SASSA status remains pending for an extended period, consider reaching out to SASSA directly for assistance and updates on your application.

Can I apply for the SASSA R350 Grant if I am already receiving another form of financial assistance?

Applicants currently receiving other forms of financial assistance may still be eligible for the SASSA R350 Grant, depending on specific criteria. It’s advisable to review eligibility requirements carefully.

Is there an age limit for applying for the SASSA R350 Grant?

Yes, applicants must be between 18 and 60 years old to qualify for the SASSA R350 Grant.

How often are SASSA R350 Grant payments made?

SASSA R350 Grant payments are typically made monthly, with payment dates announced by the South African Social Security Agency.