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SASSA Status PendingSASSA Status Pending

SASSA Status Pending

When you test the fame of your SASSA Status Pending utility and stumble upon the time period “pending,” it signifies that your utility is presently underneath assessment and has no longer but been finalized.

Pending Status

Here are numerous motives why your software would possibly be marked as pending SASSA wishes to affirm the statistics furnished in your application, which includes your identification and whether or not you meet the eligibility standards for the provide you utilized for.

Financial Records

In some instances, SASSA can also want to observe your economic archives to determine your want for the supply accurately.

Technical Issues

Delays can show up due to technical troubles inside the SASSA systems, which would possibly have an effect on the processing of applications.

Application Status

Once you’ve got submitted your application, it is herbal to prefer to display its progress. Here are some legitimate strategies to take a look at your SASSA software status:


Visit the applicable SASSA internet site corresponding to the provide you utilized for. Input your South African ID variety and the cellular phone quantity you used in your software to get right of entry to your utility status.


Send an SMS with “SASSA [ID Number]” (without brackets) to eighty two forty six 8553. Shortly after, you will acquire a reply containing your utility status.


Dial 1203210# on your cell phone. Follow the prompts supplied to take a look at your balance, mainly if you have opted for financial institution deposit.


Send a message containing “SASSA” to the reliable SASSA WhatsApp number: +27 60 014 6443. Follow the directions supplied to request a popularity take a look at for your application.

Contact Centre

If you require in addition help or clarification concerning your software status, you can name the SASSA Contact Centre at 0800 60 10 eleven Ensure you have your ID quantity and smartphone variety equipped when making the call.

SASSA Status Pending
SASSA Status Pending


Understanding the SASSA Status Pending software is quintessential for candidates to draw close the modern stage of their software process. Whether it is verifying information, checking monetary records, or resolving technical issues, being conscious of the motives at the back of the lengthen can furnish reassurance all through the ready period.

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What have to I do if my SASSA software popularity stays pending for an prolonged period?

If your utility popularity stays pending for an surprisingly lengthy time, it is recommended to contact SASSA at once for help and clarification on the matter.

Can technical problems with the SASSA machine substantially have an effect on the processing time of applications?

Yes, technical problems inside the SASSA gadget can lead to delays in processing applications, ensuing in a “pending” popularity for some applicants.

How often have to I check my SASSA software status?

While it is herbal to desire normal updates, checking your software fame too often would possibly no longer expedite the process. It’s first-rate to test periodically or when caused to do so.

Is there a precise timeframe for functions to pass from “pending” to accredited or rejected?

The timeframe for functions to transition from “pending” to both authorised or rejected can fluctuate relying on a number of factors, inclusive of the extent of functions and the complexity of verification processes.

What files need to I have on hand when contacting SASSA involving my software status?

It’s endorsed to have your South African ID range and the mobile phone range used in your software effectively reachable when contacting SASSA for inquiries related to your utility status.