Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Sassa to R350 furnish applicantsSassa to R350 furnish applicants

Sassa to R350 furnish applicants

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has currently issued a warning to R350 social misery of comfort (SRD) furnish candidates who do no longer possess smartphones succesful of processing Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments.Sassa to R350 furnish applicants This advisory follows severa complaints acquired by means of Sassa’s customer-care unit in Mpumalanga, the place beneficiaries encountered difficulties in processing EFT repayments due to their telephones having “little to no computing or web capacity.”

Challenges Faced via Applicants

Many beneficiaries, in particular these relying on the R350 furnish for monetary support, discover themselves in a quandary when trying to make use of the EFT fee method. With smartphones missing the imperative specs to function such transactions, candidates are left pissed off and unable to get right of entry to their money in a well timed manner.

Sassa’s Recommendation

In response to these challenges, Sassa strongly advises beneficiaries except appropriate smartphones to chorus from choosing the EFT fee option. Instead,Sassa to R350 furnish applicants they are prompted to discover choice techniques of payment, all of which are designated on Sassa’s authentic website. These alternatives encompass repayments via distinctive retailers and monetary institutions, offering available choices for these dealing with technological limitations.

Updating Personal Information

Furthermore, Sassa emphasizes the significance of frequently updating private information, inclusive of cellular phone numbers, surnames, and monetary account details. By making sure that statistics is present day and accurate, beneficiaries can mitigate the chance of charge disapproval and make certain that delivers are disbursed to the right recipient.

Sassa to R350 furnish applicants
Sassa to R350 furnish applicants

Sassa South African Post 

For these unable to make use of the EFT fee method, Sassa and the South African Post Office (Sapo) provide handy series alternatives at a number retail outlets. Beneficiaries can acquire their can provide from famous shops such as Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, and USave, presenting flexibility and accessibility for men and women throughout distinctive regions.

Sassa and SA Post Office

Sassa and Sapo strongly recommend candidates to workout warning when updating non-public information, warning in opposition to sharing important points with strangers to forestall doable fraudulent activities.Sassa to R350 furnish applicants Additionally, candidates who in the past accrued their provides from put up places of work are inspired to go to to pick an choice series alternative from the exact retail outlets. This ensures a seamless transition for beneficiaries and minimizes disruptions in gaining access to imperative monetary support.


 whilst the EFT price approach presents comfort and effectivity for many, it is fundamental for R350 furnish candidates to reflect onconsideration on their technological abilities earlier than deciding on this option. By heeding Sassa’s tips and utilising choice price methods, beneficiaries can make sure well timed get entry to to much-needed monetary help barring encountering pointless hurdles.


Can I nevertheless observe for the R350 supply if I do not have a sassa smartphone?

Yes, you can nonetheless observe for the R350 supply even if you do not have a smartphone. However, it is recommended to select a fee technique that would not require EFT processing if your smartphone lacks the critical capabilities

What must I do if I want to replace my non-public information?

To replace your non-public information, go to the legitimate Sassa internet site or contact your nearest Sassa office. Avoid sharing non-public small print with strangers to forestall possible fraud.

Where can I gather my R350 furnish if I do not use EFT payments?

You can accumulate your R350 supply from specified retail shops such as Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, and USave stores. Ensure to pick out the excellent series choice when making use of for the grant.

I used to accumulate my R350 supply from a submit office. Can I nevertheless do that?

If you formerly accrued your R350 furnish from a submit office, you can pick an choice series choice from the unique retail retailers listed on the Sassa website.

What ought to I do if I stumble upon difficulties in having access to my R350 grant?

If you come across difficulties in having access to your R350 grant, contact Sassa’s customer-care unit for assistance. Ensure to furnish correct statistics and comply with their instruction to get to the bottom of any troubles promptly.