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SASSA: Where to find important grant forms

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a crucial role in disbursing social grants, such as the Disability Grant, Elderly (Older Persons) Grant, and SRD Grant.

Accessing Grant Forms

Applying for social grants often involves completing various forms and paperwork. To streamline this process, many important forms are available online for easy access, completion, and submission to a regional branch.

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Online Convenience

Online forms offer significant time-saving benefits, allowing applicants to efficiently access, fill out, and submit necessary documentation.

Questions? Contact SASSA

For inquiries or assistance regarding social grants, individuals can reach out to the social grant agency using the contact details provided at the bottom of this page.

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1. SASSA Appeal Forms

In case of a rejected social grant application, it’s essential to lodge an appeal within thirty days. Appeals must be submitted in writing, accompanied by the appropriate forms.

Where to Find SASSA Appeal Forms

Applicants can download the required forms from the provided link.

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2. Additional Grant Forms

Apart from appeal forms, other important grant forms may be necessary for various purposes:

  • Consent Form for Bank Payment: Required for grant recipients who prefer to receive payments directly into their bank accounts.
  • Medical Assessment Referral Form: Essential for Disability Grant applications, facilitating the medical assessment process.
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The SRD Grant caters to unemployed individuals. An online link is available for applicants to check the status of their grant applications. Additionally, new applications for the SRD Grant can still be submitted online.

Contact SASSA

For inquiries or assistance regarding social grants, individuals can contact the SASSA helpline at the provided number or send an email to the specified address.

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Locating the nearest Regional Office is essential for inquiries and grant applications. Regional Offices are strategically located based on provinces or regions to facilitate easy access for applicants.

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