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SRD Reconsideration Status Check In MarchSRD Reconsideration Status Check In March

SRD Reconsideration Status Check In March [Don’t Miss]

You could be stressed almost your SRD reevaluation status check as you confront challenges like long hold up times or paper errors.

To diminish your concerns and guarantee that you simply the bolster that you just it is critical that you simply your SRD status. 

We have given a rundown of how to check the reevaluation status, prepare, prerequisites, comes about and advantages.

Why do we got to check the status?

It is imperative to check SASSA’s reexamination status. This strategy affirms that you just be educated once your allow is looked into and endorsed inside the 90-day greatest handling period for reconsiderations.

Necessities for SRD Reexamination status check?

Candidates must perused and concur to the announcement and assent forms before submitting an SRD Give application.

When applying, you must give the taking after individual data.

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Lasting address
  • ID number (in the event that you’re not a citizen of South Africa, your international id number or extraordinary allow number)How much Sassa grant 

How do you check SASSA reevaluation status?

You can check the reexamination status through the taking after methods


See for the “SRD Reexamination Status” page on the SASSA website.

Donate the desired data, such as your ID number, reference number, and any other points of interest inquired for.

Press the “Submit” or “Check Status” buttons to start the request.

The computer program will go through your data after you yield the ask and give you with the foremost later data with respect to the status of your SRD reconsideration.

SASSA how to change phone number 


Keep in mind to spare this number on your gadget to include GovChat as a WhatsApp contact:

  • 082 046 8553.
  • Chat with GovCha now.
  • Send a bolster message.
  • You’ll be presented with numerous alternatives; select “4”.
  • Another, react with “status.”
  • Put in your reference number here.
  • After that, you’ll get your Sassa SRD status.

Moya app

Introducing the Moya App is the primary step.

  • A while later, you can utilize your phone number to enroll for the app.
  • You can learn about the Sassa status check by selecting the “discover” option.
  • Enter your phone number, ID, and name.
  • Select Send from the menu.
  • The status of your SASSA enrollment ought to at that point appear.
  • Visit their site to memorize more. When Pay Sassa


  • It would be ideal if you give your ID number to 082 046 8553.
  • Pay consideration to the points of interest as well.
  • Phone Call
  • You must first donate 080 060 1011 a call.
  • Give the required information.
  • You have get to to your status within the last.
  • Comes about of status check

The result of your application may influence the results of checking the status of your SASSA reexamination. 


This status implies that a decision almost your ask for reevaluation has not however been made, and it is still being reviewed.


In the event that your reconsideration has been endorsed, it shows that SASSA has looked into your case, chosen that it is in your best intrigued, and will alter your social give as suitable since of the reconsideration.


After investigating your reexamination, SASSA has decided not to alter the initial choice, coming about in a “rejected” status.

Benefits of checking status

Confirming the status of your SASSA application is basic when things get tight monetarily since it ensures that your application is being handled on time.

Checking your current status brings down the plausibility of botches or mistaken assumptions by guaranteeing the information you donate is correct and current.

It may relax your mind to know the status of your application or reconsideration, particularly if you depend on social grants.

Verifying your status is helpful to identify any comprehensive delays or inefficiencies, which can help to improve the application and reconsideration processes.

Which Date Is Sassa Payment


It’s important to be informed about the progress of your SASSA application or reconsideration to ensure that social assistance in South Africa is fair, open, and easily accessible.

So, we have explained how to do an SRD reconsideration status check, its requirements, results and benefits.