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Qualification for Appeal:

Some time recently continuing, affirm you meet the taking after criteria:

Gotten a decrease notice from SASSA: This notice ought to clarify the reason for the decline.

Within the offer window:

You’ve got 30 days from the date of decline to hold up a request. This expands to 90 days in the event that you’ve got compelling reasons like hospitalisation or need to get to communication channels.

Offer Grounds:

You can request for different reasons, including:

Inaccurate data utilised within the assessment: In case you accept there’s a blunder in how SASSA handled your data, give proof to back your claim.

Modern data not considered

On the off chance that you’ve got important data that wasn’t already submitted, show it clearly.

Unjustifiable application of qualification criteria: On the off chance that you accept the criteria were connected inaccurately in your case, contend your point with supporting evidence.

Planning Your Appeal:

Gather evidence: Collect reports supporting your offer grounds, like payslips, bank articulations, or confirmation of disability.

Type in a point by point inspiration: Clearly clarify why your application was wrongly declined and emphasise your eligibility.

Select the request stage: You’ll be able online, by phone, or in person.

Appeal Options:

1. Online:

Visit the SASSA SRD website (

Press “Request Status” and make an account in case needed.

Take after the prompts to hold up your offer, transfer supporting records, and submit.

2. Phone:

Call the SASSA Contact Middle at 0800 601 011.

Select choice 2 for “SRD Give Enquiries” and ask to hold up an appeal.

Be arranged to supply your ID number and application details.

3. In person:

Visit your closest SASSA nearby office.

Clarify your purpose to request the SRD give decline.

An agent will help you with the preparation and archive submission. Appeal Appeal

Appeal Timeline and Outcome:

Evaluation by DSD:

Your offer will be sent to the Office of Social Improvement (DSD) for review.

  • Choice time period: Point for a response within 60 days, but delays might occur.
  • Communication: You’ll get notice of the DSD’s choice by means of your chosen platform (online, e-mail, or enrolled mail).
  • Conceivable Decisions:
  • Offer maintained: Your grant application will be re-evaluated, and you will receive backdated payments in the event that it is successful.
  • Request expelled: The DSD’s choice stands, but you’ll ask for a survey by the Independent Tribunal for Social Help Requests (ITSAA) within 30 days.

Looking for Assist Assistance:

  • SASSA Contact Middle: 0800 601 011
  • ITSAA: : 
  • Legitimate Help South Africa: : 
  • Imperative Tips:
  • Yield a well-prepared and detailed offer inside the timeframe.
  • Be conscious and proficient in your communication.
  • Keep copies of all records submitted and communication received.

Look for lawful exhortation on the off chance that you wish further help or clarification.


Engaging a choice takes time and exertion. Guarantee you have got a substantial premise for offer and accumulate all fundamental documentation to upgrade your chances of victory.



What is the due date to request a declined SASSA CARD application? 


You have got days from the date of the choice to hold up an appeal.


How long does it take for SASSA to handle an offer?


It can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days.


What are the grounds for request?


You’ll request in the event that you accept the choice was off base due to:

Wrong data: Mistakes or irregularities in your application details. 

Specialised mistakes: Framework glitches or breakdowns influencing your application.

Alter in circumstances: Your monetary circumstance has changed altogether since you



What reports do I have to be with my request?


This depends on your particular grounds for offer. The site includes a list of required documents.

Particular to 2024:


Are there any changes to the SASSA CARD offer handle in 2024? 


It is best to check the official SASSA site for any upgrades as the method may alter year to year.


Are there any extra assets accessible for 2024 requests? 


You’ll discover news articles, web journal posts, and guides from autonomous organisations clarifying the current offer in more detail.