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Strategies to Confirm Your Bank Subtle elements with SASSAStrategies to Confirm Your Bank Subtle elements with SASSA

Strategies to Confirm Your Bank Subtle elements with SASSA

 1. Online:

SASSA SRD Website:

  •  Visit
  •  Select your ID sort (South African ID or Refuge Seeker/Permit).
  •  Enter your ID number and tap “Continue.”
  •  Select “How do I alter my keeping money details?”
  •  You’ll get an SMS with a secure interface. Press the interface and take after the information to overhaul your details.

 2. Versatile App:


  •  Download and introduce the SASSA App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  •  Enlist and log in to your account.
  •  Select “Confirm Managing an account Points of interest” from the menu.
  •  Take after the on-screen informational to upgrade your information.

 3. USSD:

  •  Dial 1203210# or 12069277# on your cell phone.
  •  Take after the prompts to overhaul your keeping money details.

 4. WhatsApp:

  •  Send the word “Sassa” to 082 046 8553.
  •  Take after the prompts within the WhatsApp chat to overhaul your managing account information.

 5. SASSA Offices:

  •  Visit your closest SASSA office along with your report and verification of managing account details.
  •  A SASSA official will help you in upgrading your information.

 Vital Reminders:

  •  Double-check your points of interest: Guarantee you enter your precise bank account title, number, and department code to dodge errors.
  •  Keep your data overhauled: Educate SASSA of any changes to your bank subtle elements immediately.
  •  Be careful of tricks: SASSA will never ask your keeping money for subtle elements through SMS, e-mail, or phone calls. As it were, utilise official channels for verification.
  •  No expenses included: Confirming your bank points of interest with SASSA is free of charge.

Extra Information:

  • The SASSA SRD allow is as of now expanded until Walk 31, 2024.
  • Unused applications for the SRD were closed on December 31, 2023.
  • Existing applications are being handled, and another instalment cycle is anticipated in February 2024.
  • For overhauls on particular awards and qualification criteria, allude to the official SASSA site or contact them directly
Strategies to Confirm Your Bank Points of interest with SASSA February
Strategies to Confirm Your Bank Points of interest with SASSA February

Why Confirm Your Bank Subtle Elements with SASSA?

Exact Instalments: Confirmed bank subtle elements ensure your awards reach the aiming account, avoiding delays or errors.

Extortion Avoidance: Confirmation makes a difference SASSA combat false exercises and ensure your money related information.

Qualification Affirmation: It bolsters SASSA in affirming your qualification for given programs.

Convenient Upgrades: You get notices and upgrades almost your given application and instalments specifically to your confirmed phone number.


Why does SASSA have my bank details?

To guarantee your allowed instalments are stored into the right account and avoid fraud.To upgrade their records and progress productivity in delivering grants.

Is it secure to confirm my bank points of interest online?

As it were, utilise the official SASSA site ( and never share your keeping money data on any other platform.Guarantee the site association is secure (https://) and search for the latch image in your browser.

How long does it take for SASSA to confirm my bank details?

More often than not 7-10 commerce days, but it can take longer in a few cases.

My confirmation is taking longer than 10 days. What ought to I do?

Contact the SASSA Contact Middle at 0800 601 011 or visit your nearby SASSA office for assistance.

I got a mistake message amid confirmation.

What does it mean?

The mistake message ought to give information on how to settle the issue. In case 

you’re uncertain, contact SASSA.

Can I alter my bank details after verification?

Yes, but you’ll have to go through the confirmation process again.

Extra Resources:

  •  SASSA SRD site:
  •  SASSA Contact Middle: 0800 601 011
  •  Keep in mind: Never share your individual or money data with anybody claiming to be from SASSA unless you start contact through official channels.