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Submit an SRD Grant AppealSubmit an SRD Grant Appeal

Submit an SRD Grant Appeal

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many persons have determined themselves in dire economic situations, prompting them to follow for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. However, Submit an SRD Grant Appeal receiving a notification of rejection can be disheartening. If you are in this state of affairs and accept as true with that your utility used to be unjustly declined, you have the alternative to attraction the decision. In this guide, we will stroll you thru the manner of submitting an SRD furnish attraction so you can have your utility reassessed.

SASSA Appeal Process

Before diving into the steps of submitting an appeal, it is vital to apprehend the timeline and necessities involved.

Qualifying for the SRD Grant

Before initiating the enchantment process, make certain that you meet the eligibility standards for the SASSA SRD grant. This consists of confirming that the records supplied in your preliminary utility is correct and complete.

Updating Your Application

If there have been any inaccuracies or modifications in your occasions due to the fact that your preliminary application, it is essential to replace and reconfirm your SASSA SRD supply software earlier than intending with the appeal.

Submit an Appeal

Now that you are geared up to proceed with your appeal, comply with these steps:

Visit the SRD Appeal Website

Navigate to the specific SRD Appeal internet site the place you may start the attraction process.

Verification Process

Enter your ID wide variety and the cellular range used in your unique application. Then, request a verification pin which will be despatched to your cellular wide variety with the aid of SMS.

Submitting Your Appeal

Once you have obtained the verification pin, enter it on the attraction internet site and proceed to post your appeal.

Submit an SRD Grant Appeal
Submit an SRD Grant Appeal

Submit an Appeal

You should act unexpectedly as appeals ought to be lodged inside ninety days of your preliminary software being rejected. SASSA Failure to do so inside this timeframe will end result in your utility now not being reconsidered.

Checking Your Appeal Status

After submitting your appeal, you might also desire to screen its progress. Follow these steps to test the fame of your appeal. Your enchantment popularity will then be displayed on the screen, supplying you with treasured perception into the growth of your appeal.

Visit the SRD Appeal Website

Return to the SASSA SRD Appeal internet site and enter your ID variety alongside with the cell range used in your application.Here are some integral factors to maintain in idea all through the enchantment process:

Lodging Appeals Monthly: Remember that appeals have to be lodged for every month in which the SRD furnish used to be rejected.

Outcome Timeline: The Independent Tribunal objectives to supply an result inside 60 to ninety days from the date of enchantment submission.

Information Validation: Expect the Independent Tribunal to cross-reference and validate your statistics with a range of databases utilized by means of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Final Decision: Once the Independent Tribunal has reached a decision, it is viewed final, and no in addition inside recourse will be available.

Appeal Is Declined

In the unlucky tournament that your attraction is declined, however you firmly agree with that you qualify for the SASSA SRD grant, there are similarly steps you can take:

Judicial Review: Consider taking your case to the High Court for a judicial evaluate if you have proof helping your eligibility.

Seek Legal Advice: Reach out to companies that provide free paralegal advice, such as Black Sash, Legal Aid, or Law for All, for training on your subsequent steps.


In conclusion, whilst receiving a rejection for your Submit an SRD Grant Appeal can be discouraging, the attraction system presents a threat to have your case reconsidered. By following the outlined steps and grasp the key factors highlighted in this guide, you can navigate the enchantment method efficiently and optimistically impervious the monetary help you need.


Can I publish an enchantment if my software was once rejected greater than ninety days ago?

Unfortunately, appeals need to be lodged inside ninety days of the preliminary rejection. If this timeframe has elapsed, your software will no longer be reconsidered.

Is there a charge related with submitting an appeal?

No, the attraction procedure is free of charge.

What ought to I do if my attraction is taking longer than ninety days to be assessed?

If you have not acquired an effect inside the stipulated timeframe, you can inquire about the reputation of your attraction without delay with the Independent Tribunal.

Can I post extra files or proof with my appeal?

Yes, you have the proper to publish any extra files or proof that guide your case at some stage in the attraction process.

If my enchantment is successful, when can I assume to acquire the SRD grant?

Upon approval of your appeal, you need to obtain the SRD furnish in accordance with the preferred processing times.