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SASSA Grants for June 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is now disbursing social grants for June 2024. These payments are essential for millions of South Africans who rely on them for daily sustenance. This article provides details on the SASSA grants, including the payment schedule, collection options, and the impact of these grants on beneficiaries’ lives.

What Are SASSA Grants?

SASSA grants are social security payments provided by the South African government to support vulnerable populations, including the elderly, disabled, and children in need. These grants aim to alleviate poverty and provide a safety net for those who are unable to fully support themselves.

June 2024 Grant Payments

For June 2024, SASSA has announced that 18 million people are set to receive permanent grant payments. These grants cater to different segments of the population, providing vital financial support.

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Types of SASSA Grants

1. Older Persons Pension Grants This grant supports senior citizens who have reached retirement age, providing them with financial stability in their later years.

2. Disability Grants These grants support individuals who are unable to work due to a disability, ensuring they have the means to meet their daily needs.

3. War Veterans Grant Aimed at veterans of wars, this grant recognizes their service and provides them with financial support.

4. Care Dependency Grants For caregivers of children with severe disabilities, this grant helps cover the additional costs associated with their care.

5. Foster Care Grants This grant supports foster parents in providing for the needs of children placed in their care.

6. Child Support Grants Designed to help families cover the costs of raising children, this grant ensures that children’s basic needs are met.

7. Child Support Grant Top-Up In addition to the standard Child Support Grant, this top-up provides extra financial support for families in greater need.

8. Grant-in-Aid This grant supports individuals who require full-time care from someone else due to their inability to care for themselves.

Payment Schedule for June 2024

Older Persons Grant: Payments begin on 4 June 2024.

Disability Grants: Payments begin on 5 June 2024.

Children’s Grants: Payments begin on 6 June 2024.

Where to Collect Your SASSA Grant

Beneficiaries have multiple options for collecting their grants:

1. Direct Deposit into Bank Accounts: This is the most secure and convenient method, allowing beneficiaries to access their money directly from their bank accounts.

2. Collection Points: Grants can also be collected in cash at ATMs and participating retail stores like Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and Boxer.

Impact on Beneficiaries

SASSA grants provide crucial support to millions of South Africans, helping to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations. By ensuring timely and reliable grant payments, SASSA plays a vital role in maintaining social stability and supporting economic well-being across the country.

By following the payment schedule and choosing the most convenient collection method, beneficiaries can effectively manage their finances and ensure they have the necessary resources to meet their daily needs.

SASSA Advises Beneficiaries

SASSA advises beneficiaries not to rush to withdraw their grants immediately after they are deposited. The money will remain in their bank accounts until needed, allowing for more flexibility and security in accessing the funds.

Grant Amounts for June 2024

Here is a breakdown of the amounts for each type of grant in June 2024:

Older Persons Grant: R2,180 (R2,200 for those aged 75 and older)

Disability Grant: R2,180

War Veterans Grant: R2,200

Care Dependency Grant: R2,180

Foster Care Grant: R1,180

Child Support Grant: R530

Child Support Grant Top-Up: R530 + R250 (top-up)

Future Increases in Grant Payments

SASSA grants are set to increase again on 1 October 2024, following the initial increase on 1 April 2024. This periodic adjustment ensures that the grants keep pace with inflation and the rising cost of living.

Impact of SASSA Grants

SASSA grants have a significant impact on both the economy and society. They provide financial relief to millions of families, stimulate local economies by increasing spending power, and reduce poverty levels, contributing to social stability.

SASSA Beneficiaries

SASSA provides a range of support channels, including helplines and local offices, to assist beneficiaries with their queries and concerns. Additionally, local support networks can offer valuable support and advice.


SASSA grants play a critical role in supporting vulnerable South Africans, providing them with the financial resources needed to live with dignity. As the June 2024 payments are rolled out, beneficiaries are encouraged to utilize the available resources and follow safe practices for collecting their grants.


1. When will my SASSA grant be paid?

  • Your SASSA grant will be paid according to the schedule: Older Persons Grants on 4 June, Disability Grants on 5 June, and Children’s Grants on 6 June 2024.

2. How can I collect my SASSA grant?

  • You can collect your SASSA grant by direct credit into your bank account or in cash at ATMs and participating retail stores.

3. What are the amounts for each type of SASSA grant?

  • Grant amounts for June 2024 range from R530 for the Child Support Grant to R2,200 for the War Veterans Grant.

4. Will there be an increase in SASSA grants soon?

  • Yes, SASSA grants will increase again on 1 October 2024.

5. How can I contact SASSA for assistance?

  • You can contact SASSA through their helplines or visit their local offices for assistance.