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Unclaimed R350 Grant ListUnclaimed R350 Grant List

Unclaimed R350 Grant List 2024 [Claim Guide]

The unclaimed r350 allow has developed as a noteworthy concern in South Africa. This unclaimed R350 allow list highlights a basic issue that requests critical consideration. It raises questions almost the viability of the conveyance framework and the require for progressed outreach to those in need.The sum is paid to candidates who claim inside six months of the period. Unclaimed R350 Give incorporates the ID numbers and names endorsed for the allow, but they still did not claim the allow installment. The SASSA has discharged the unclaimed R350 give list to energize them to claim the payment. Still in perplexity, how to handle this chaos? Keep reading to fathom this issue of where to gather it or the reasons why you still have not been able to get it. Since in the event that you are doing claim the SRD allow inside time, you might lose the chance

Why did you categorise it within the Unclaimed R350 Give List?

Different conceivable reasons can include you to the unclaimed R350 give list

Authoritative Error

The delay or lost title from the organization may cause this dilemma.

Need of Information

Some people can lose association to specialists straightforwardly. They cannot receive the correct information with respect to the uncommon SRD allow; subsequently, they drop on the unclaimed give list.

Wellbeing conditions

Individuals misplaced their touch due to individual circumstances. It can be a wellbeing condition, sickness or hospitalization. They don’t take after the method inside time, so they come within the unclaimed give list.

Which Date Is Sassa Payment

Issues in Getting to Payment

It is very a common issue; candidates confront troubles in getting to installment. The card handling or need of bank subtle elements stops the claimed installment. This uncertain issue categorises you within the unclaimed allow list.

Do you have got unclaimed provident fund?

First, in the event that you connected for the r350 allow but did not get your claimed installment, you’ll be able your title within the unclaimed provident fund.

Where to check the unclaimed give list?

It happens in straightforward steps:

  • SASSA Official Website
  • Go to the site at
  • Go for “Grants” on the homepage.
  • Click on the “Covid Allow Tab”
  • Underneath, tap on the “Unclaimed SRD Grant Payment” tab
  • Enter credentials, ID number, and name
  • The framework will notify you in case you’re on the list; something else, you’re not within the unclaimed provident fund.


SASSA Contact Customer Care

You can contact SASSA’s client care or helpline by calling their toll-free number or going by their nearby offices. They can help you in checking in the event that you’ve got an unclaimed allow and direct you on the essential steps to claim it.SASSA how to change phone number

Check with the Post Office

Sometimes, unclaimed awards are dispersed through the South African Post Office. You’ll ask at your nearby post office department to see in case any unclaimed awards are in your name.

How do you check the unclaimed give balance?

As you know, the installment is unclaimed, but still, you’ll be able the unclaimed allow adjust. The Money related Segment Conduct Specialist (FSCA) keeps up a central database on its site, prepared with a look motor, permitting the common open to check in the event that they have any unclaimed benefits owed to them.

How much Sassa grant 

To perform the check, you’ll have to be your father’s full title, final title, ID number, the fund’s title, and the employer’s title. On the off chance that the look motor finds a match, you’ll get the contact data for the fund’s administrator.

You’ll at that point ought to contact the finance director directly to memorize how to continue with the claim 

You can e-mail the FSCA at or 0800 20 3722 at their toll-free number.

Where to Gather Unclaimed Grants?


SASSA is connected to the postbank for transactions. Recipients collect their unclaimed SRD gifts from Postbank. With the title of Postbank Unclaimed Extraordinary SRD grant, a office has been opened within the bank so that applicants can effortlessly apply. 


Beneficiaries can check, claim and collect the R350 SRD allow inside the period. Be that as it may, it is recorded on the unclaimed grant list but can be recouped after time.

The article guided the full scenario of how and where to collect the unclaimed SRD give. 


What is the SASSA Postbank Unclaimed Uncommon SRD Grant?

The SASSA Postbank Unclaimed Extraordinary SRD Give relates to a one-time financial assistance program started by the SASSA in collaboration with the South African Post Office (Postbank) as a component of COVID-19 help endeavors. This allow pointed to bolster qualified people who confronted money related hardship due to the affect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What ought to I do in the event that I drop into the SASSA SRD Unclaimed Grant?

As before long as you know the Unclaimed SRD Give in your title, take activity. And start the method of claiming the give.