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If you are encountering troubles with the SASSA balance take a look at USSD code, it can be irritating and concerning, specifically when you be counted on it to get admission to vital facts about your toddler grant.

What is the SASSA Balance Check USSD Code?

The SASSA Balance Check USSD code is a carrier supplied by means of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) that approves beneficiaries to test the stability of their toddler supply immediately from their cellular phones.


The code offers a handy and handy way for beneficiaries to remain knowledgeable about their toddler provide stability barring the want for web get entry to or touring SASSA workplaces in person.

Common Issues with the USSD Code

Poor community insurance or unstable web connection can avert the performance of the USSD code, main to difficulties in having access to stability information.

Incorrect Code Entry

Entering the incorrect USSD code can end result in blunders or failure to retrieve the favored information. It’s critical to make certain the correct enter of the code furnished by way of SASSA.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

Certain cell telephones or community vendors might also have restrictions that have an effect on the utilization of codes. It’s integral to affirm with the cellular carrier issuer if there are any compatibility issues.

Account Status

Beneficiaries should make sure that their SASSA money owed are lively and in true standing. Suspended or deactivated bills may additionally stop get entry to to stability records by using USSD.


Troubleshooting Steps

Ensure that you have a steady community connection on your cellular smartphone to keep away from disruptions in code functionality.

Verify USSD Code

Double-check that you are getting into the right USSD furnished via SASSA for checking your baby provide balance.

Check Mobile Phone Compatibility

Verify with your cell carrier company if there are any recognised compatibility problems affecting USSD performance on your device.

Account Status Verification

Ensure that your SASSA account is lively and in true standing to stop any get admission to troubles with the code.

Contact SASSA Support

If the difficulty persists, it is beneficial to contact SASSA assist at once for help and troubleshooting.

Alternative Methods

Consider the use of choice techniques such as WhatsApp, the SASSA website, or travelling a SASSA workplace in individual to take a look at your toddler furnish stability whilst resolving code issues.


Encountering technical problems with the code for SASSA stability tests can be frustrating, however there are options available. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined above and accomplishing out to SASSA assist if necessary, beneficiaries can with a bit of luck unravel the hassle and regain get admission to to their infant supply stability information.


Why is my SASSA stability test code no longer working?

There may want to be a variety of reasons, inclusive of community connection issues, improper

code entry, cell telephone compatibility issues, or account repute problems.

How can I troubleshoot the SASSA stability take a look at USSD problem?

You can begin with the aid of checking your community connection, verifying the USSD, ensuring cellular smartphone compatibility, verifying your account status, and contacting SASSA help if needed.

What have to I do if none of the troubleshooting steps work?

If the difficulty persists, it is first-rate to attain out to SASSA aid immediately for similarly help and guidance.

Are there choice strategies for checking my SASSA balance?

Yes, you can think about the use of choice techniques such as WhatsApp, the SASSA website, or touring a SASSA workplace in person.

How necessary is it to maintain my SASSA account in precise standing?

Maintaining an energetic and in-good-standing SASSA account is indispensable for having access to quite a number services, consisting of stability exams by using code.