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When Pay SASSA When Pay SASSA 

When Pay SASSA 

Understanding the charge dates and alternatives furnished through the South African Social Security Agency When Pay SASSA  is integral for beneficiaries to correctly control their finances. This article explores the fee schedules for quite a number grants, elements affecting charge dates, and on hand selections for receiving funds.

SASSA Payment 

SASSA commonly disburses social offers at the opening of every month. However, particular charge dates may also range based totally on the provide kind and chosen fee method.

Payment Schedule

Older Person’s Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant: Generally paid on the third of every month.

Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant: Payment dates introduced quarterly; for February 2024, the charge window is between twenty third and 29th.

Payment Dates

Various elements can affect charge dates:

Public Holidays: Payments can also be launched on the previous enterprise day if a scheduled date falls on a public holiday.

Processing Delays: Rare cases of technical or administrative problems inflicting delays.

Ensure correct records about your SASSA fee date:

SASSA Website: Regular updates on price schedules.

SASSA App: Personalized data upon registration.

SMS Notification: Beneficiaries may additionally get hold of SMS notifications.

Contact SASSA: Toll-free number: 0800 601 160.

When Pay SASSA
When Pay SASSA

SASSA grants

Direct Deposit: Funds electronically deposited into your financial institution account.

Mobile Money Transfer: Funds despatched to your cell cash account.

Cash Payment at Pay Points: Collect money at certain SASSA pay points.

Payment Method

Consider the following factors:

Convenience: Direct credit score and cellular switch provide direct access.

Security: Direct credit score is commonly the most impenetrable option.

Accessibility: Cash price at pay factors for these besides financial institution accounts.

Sassa Online Application For Child Grant|Child Support Grant


Understanding When Pay SASSA  and options is vital for beneficiaries to effectively manage their finances. By staying informed about payment schedules and choosing the most suitable payment method, recipients can ensure timely access to their grants. Whether it’s through direct deposit, mobile money transfer, or cash collection at pay points, SASSA serives to provide convenient and secure avenues for grant recipients to receive their financial assistance.


Can I change my payment method after selecting one?
Yes, beneficiaries can change their payment method by contacting SASSA and following the required procedures.

What should I do if I haven’t received my payment on the scheduled date?
If you haven’t received your payment as expected, contact SASSA immediately to inquire about the status and resolve any issues.

Are there any fees associated with specific payment methods?
While some payment methods may incur minimal fees, such as bank charges for direct deposits, SASSA itself does not charge beneficiaries for receiving grants.

Can I receive my grant payment in a foreign bank account?
No, SASSA only facilitates payments to South African bank accounts or designated payment points within the country.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can change my payment method?
Generally, there are no restrictions on changing your payment method. However, it’s advisable to avoid frequent changes to prevent disruptions in receiving your grants.