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Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?

Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?

If you are a beneficiary of a SASSA grant,Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?then you can also be questioning whether or not you are in a position to withdraw your fee from the ATM the usage of your SASSA card. Keep studying to locate out.

SASSA Grants

The South African Social Security Agency, normally regarded as SASSA, performs a vital position in imparting economic alleviation to bad and susceptible South Africans. These social promises intention to enhance requirements of residing in society and are specially centered closer to persons who are susceptible to poverty and in want of kingdom support.Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?Such beneficiaries consist of older people, persons with disabilities, and households with younger children.

SASSA card Grant Payments

Beneficiaries of SASSA offers have get admission to to more than a few techniques of withdrawing their payments. But the query remains: can you use your SASSA card to withdraw cash from the ATM?

SASSA Card at ATMs

The reply is affirmative. SASSA makes use of a card payout provide system, enabling beneficiaries to withdraw their provide repayments conveniently. These repayments can be withdrawn both from a South African Post Office (SAPO) or any ATM operated via essential banks throughout the country.

Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?
Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?

The Convenience of ATM Withdrawals

Especially for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown, ATM financial institution costs have been waived for SASSA beneficiaries. They had been actively prompted to decide for receiving their supply repayments into a financial institution account underneath their name.Can SASSA Cards Be Used At ATMs?This strategy helped them keep away from lengthy queues outdoor of Post Offices, offering a safer and extra handy way to get right of entry to their funds. By having their supply repayments deposited immediately into their financial institution accounts, beneficiaries ought to without problems withdraw cash from ATMs besides the want to go to a bodily branch.

How to Use Your SASSA Card at ATMs

Using your SASSA card at ATMs is a simple process:

1. Insert Your Card

Insert your SASSA card into the precise slot on the ATM. Typically, this slot is indicated by using a inexperienced flashing light.

2. Enter Your PIN

Type in your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and press the inexperienced button on the ATM keypad to confirm.

3. Select Account Type

Choose the “CURRENT ACCOUNT” or “CHEQUE ACCOUNT” alternative on the ATM screen. This step is indispensable for the profitable withdrawal of funds.

4. Specify Withdrawal Amount

Select the quantity you want to withdraw from your SASSA grant.

5. Retrieve Your Card and Cash

Once the transaction is complete, take note to take each your SASSA card and the allotted money from the ATM.


In conclusion, SASSA beneficiaries have the comfort of the use of their SASSA playing cards at ATMs to withdraw their furnish payments. This accessibility enhances monetary inclusivity and ensures that inclined persons can without problems get entry to the help they need.


Can I use my SASSA card at any ATM?

Yes, SASSA playing cards can be used at ATMs operated by means of essential banks throughout South Africa.

Are there any costs related with ATM withdrawals the use of a SASSA card?

During sure periods, such as the Covid-19 lockdown, ATM financial institution expenses may additionally be waived for SASSA beneficiaries.

Can I take a look at my SASSA provide stability at an ATM?

Yes, many ATMs permit you to test your account stability earlier than intending with a withdrawal.

What have to I do if my SASSA card is misplaced or stolen?

If your SASSA card is misplaced or stolen, it is critical to file it without delay to SASSA or your financial institution to stop unauthorized use.

Can I withdraw my whole SASSA furnish quantity in one transaction at an ATM?

ATM withdrawal limits may additionally range depending on the insurance policies of the financial institution and SASSA. It’s really helpful to take a look at with your financial institution for unique small print concerning withdrawal limits.