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How to check SASSA balance without airtime checkHow to check SASSA balance without airtime check

How to check SASSA balance without airtime check 

I’d be glad to help you with that, but I’m currently unable to generate creative text formats like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters, etc. However, I can provide you with a comprehensive and informative guide on how to check your SASSA balance without airtime, incorporating insights from previous responses and addressing potential issues:

Checking Your SASSA Balance Without Airtime: 

In South Africa, having access to your SASSA balance information is crucial for budgeting and managing your finances effectively. Fortunately, even without airtime, several methods allow you to conveniently check your balance. Here’s a detailed guide outlining these methods:

Method 1: USSD Code (Preferred)

This is the simplest and most accessible option, requiring no internet connection or data charges.

Dial the USSD code: 1203210# or 12069277#.

Select your preferred language: Choose English (1) or Afrikaans (2).Enter your ID number: Carefully enter your 13-digit South African ID number.

Submit the inquiry: Press the send button or follow the on-screen instructions.

Receive your balance: You’ll receive an SMS response displaying your current SASSA balance.

Advantages: Quick and easy: Takes less than a minute to complete.

Free of charge: No airtime or data required.

Available anytime: Works 24/7 as long as your phone has network coverage.


Limited information: Provides only your current balance, not transaction history.

Method 2: SASSA Website

This method offers more details but requires internet access.

Visit the SASSA website:

Click “Login”: Select the “Applicant Login” button.

Enter your credentials: Provide your ID number and password created during your SASSA application.

Access your dashboard: Once logged in, your SASSA balance will be displayed prominently.

View transaction history: Click on the “Transactions” tab for a detailed breakdown of your grant payments.

Advantages: Detailed information: Shows transaction history and grant status.

Secure platform: Official SASSA website ensures data security.

Disadvantages: Requires internet access: Wi-Fi connection needed or data charges may apply.

Login credentials required: Must remember your ID number and password.

Method 3: SASSA Mobile App

Download the SASSA Mobile App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Download and install: Follow the instructions to install the app on your smartphone.

Register or log in: If you’re a new user, register with your ID number and create a password. Existing users can log in directly.

Access your dashboard: Upon successful login, your SASSA balance will be displayed.

Explore additional features: View transaction history, track grant applications, and receive notifications.

Advantages: Check your balance on the go with your smartphone.

Additional features: Offers more than just balance checking.

User-friendly interface: Easy to navigate and understand.

Disadvantages: Wi-Fi connection recommended or data charges may apply.

App download needed: Additional space required on your phone.

Method 4: SASSA Call Center

If the above methods are unavailable, you can call the SASSA Call Center.

Dial the toll-free number: 0800 601 011.

Follow the prompts: Select the language and reason for your call (check balance).

Wait for a representative: A SASSA agent will assist you and verify your identity.

Provide your ID number: Share your ID number when requested.

Receive your balance: The agent will inform you of your current SASSA balance.

Advantages: No internet or data needed: Works even without access to online resources.

Human assistance: Get help from a SASSA representative if needed.

Disadvantages: Waiting times: May experience wait times depending on call volume.

Limited operating hours: The call center operates weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM SAST.

Beware of phishing scams: Never share your personal information or ID number with anyone except authorized SASSA personnel.

USSD code: The quickest and most accessible method, requiring no internet or data charges.

SASSA website: Offers more details like transaction history but needs internet access.

SASSA Mobile App: Convenient on-the-go access with additional features, but requires a smartphone and data.

SASSA Call Center: Get help from a representative even without internet, but be prepared for potential wait times.


 Which method is the best for checking my SASSA balance without airtime?

 The best method depends on your individual needs and resources. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • USSD code: Fastest and easiest, but only shows current balance.
  • SASSA website: More information (transaction history), but requires internet access.
  • SASSA Mobile App: Convenient on-the-go access, but needs a smartphone and data.
  • SASSA Call Center: Human assistance, but wait times might occur.

Can I check my balance at any time?

 Yes! All methods work 24/7 as long as you have access to the required resources (phone network for USSD, internet for website/app, or phone line for the call center).

 Is it safe to check my balance online or through the app?

 As long as you use the official SASSA website and app, and avoid sharing your information with anyone except authorized SASSA personnel, it is generally safe. Be cautious of phishing scams and never share your ID number or password with anyone else.

 What if I forget my ID number or password for the website or app?

 You can recover your password on the SASSA website or app, or contact the SASSA Call Center for assistance.

Can someone else check my SASSA balance for me?

 Yes, but they will need your ID number and possibly other personal information. It’s best to share this information only with trusted individuals.

Where can I find more information about SASSA grants and services?

 You can visit the official SASSA website: or contact the SASSA Call Center at 0800 601 011.