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How to Verify Deceased Parents When Applying for NSFAS

NSFAS offers crucial bursaries to students meeting household income eligibility criteria, with avenues for appeals for those whose applications were initially rejected due to exceeding income thresholds, particularly in cases where a parent has passed away.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is instrumental in facilitating education access for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds by providing bursaries and loans for approved courses at universities and TVET colleges. These funds cover tuition, registration fees, and various allowances for essentials like food, accommodation, and learning materials.

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Given the substantial demand for NSFAS funding, thousands of students apply annually, but only those meeting eligibility criteria, including an annual household income below R350,000, receive assistance.

However, circumstances such as the death of a parent or caregiver can lead to changes in household income, warranting a reconsideration of eligibility. NSFAS allows appeals from students who believe they meet criteria due to such changes, even if erroneous information led to their initial rejection.

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According to NSFAS spokesperson Ishmael Mnisi, collaboration with government entities like the South African Revenue Service, Department of Home Affairs, and South African Social Security Agency aids in verifying applicants’ information. Home Affairs data determines parental status, with NSFAS respecting this information unless provided with compelling evidence to the contrary.

If an applicant’s parent is erroneously deemed alive by Home Affairs, NSFAS rejects their application. However, students with evidence of a deceased parent can submit an appeal, requiring proof like a death certificate.

In such cases, NSFAS forwards the proof to Home Affairs for verification. If confirmed, NSFAS revisits the application, potentially reversing the initial decision and awarding the student a bursary or loan.

NSFAS Administrator Tasks

This appeal process aligns with NSFAS eligibility criteria, which permits appeals from students whose household income changed due to a key contributor’s incapacitation or death since their application submission.

Ensuring accurate verification of parental status is pivotal in determining students’ eligibility for NSFAS funding, underscoring the importance of providing compelling evidence in appeals involving deceased parents.

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