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SASSA R350 Boxer [Simple Instalment Collection]SASSA R350 Boxer [Simple Instalment Collection]

SASSA R350 Boxer

SASSA does not send instalments through the post office! Wait, there’s no have to be about that! I’m here to tell you how to pay through another strategy. 

Some days back, John Bradshaw, the Head of Choose n Pay’s Omnichannel, expressed, “SASSA recipients can get their instalment more securely and quickly at Boxer and Choose n Pay, and we are proud to help them.”

You don’t got to hold up in long lines to induce your SASSA R350 grant instalment. You fair ought to alter your instalment strategy, and you may get an SMS when your give is available.

Be that as it may, numerous individuals confronted challenges with respect to SASSA R350 Boxer installment collection. That’s why I’ll direct you on how you’ll be able your installment rapidly in this article. Provide it a read!

Reasons You Can’t Collect Instalment at the Post Office

Assention between SAPO and SASSA

As of late, the South African Post Office (SAPO) has halted individuals from receiving awards through post workplaces. An assention for courses of action has been made between SAPO and SASSA.

Sassa District Offices

SASSA’s announcement:

No official articulation has been issued from either of them with respect to the closure of the Social Relief Trouble (SRD) R350 Allow installment at post workplaces. They have not highlighted any clear reasons. Instep, SASSA SRD allow recipients are prompted to get their gifts at Boxer, Choose n Pay, and through bank accounts.

The great news is that you simply effortlessly alter your installment strategy on SASSA’s official site, which I’ll talk about later.

Things You Wish SASSA R350 Boxer Instalment 

  1. ID Number

Whereas accepting your instalment at Boxer, you’ll require your SASSA Distinguishing proof Number (ID number) issued at the time of give approval.SASSA South Coast Kzn

  1. Cell Phone Number:

You moreover require your cell phone number to collect the SASSA allow installment at Boxer. Note that you’ll require the cell phone number you enlisted with SASSA at the time of your application.

  1. Visit any Boxer Store.

You’ve to visit the Boxer store to get your cash personally. You’ll got to appear the SMS you gotten through SASSA with respect to installment and date. Keep in mind, any other ID or cell phone number isn’t acknowledged for payment.

SASSA R350 Collection at Boxer

Are you prepared? I will share the step-by-step handle of the SASSA R350 allow collection at Boxer. Make beyond any doubt to take after all these steps.

Once SASSA approves your application, you’ll get affirmation that your SRD R350 give has been approved.

Sassa Distress Grant Payment Date

At that point, after a number of you’ll get an SMS affirming your installment collection point and the date. On the day of installment, bring your ID number issued by SASSA and your cell phone to the Boxer store. You may give your faculty cell phone number enrolled with SASSA and ID number to affirm whether your allow is accessible there. You’ll get a USSD SMS on your cellphone. You’ll have to endorse this SMS before payment.

After endorsement, you’ll get your SASSA r350 allow installment at Boxer. But for your ID and cellphone number, no additional data is required at Boxer. On the off chance that anybody inquires you almost your individual data or to tap on any connect, it’s most likely a trick. So, use caution! 

How to change the SASSA R350 payment strategy to Boxer?

Numerous individuals confront challenges after SASSA has exhorted its recipients to alter the payment strategy. Here, I’ll share the subtle elements on how you’ll alter your SASSA’s installment strategy to Boxer.

Will SASSA SRD Pay This Month 

To begin with, visit the official site of SASSA.

Click on the alternative “How do I change my payment/banking details?”.

Enter the ID number you got at the time of application approval.

Instantly, you’ll get an SMS on your cell phone enrolled with SASSA. This SMS has a secure connect in it.

Tap on this interface to divert you to a few instructions.

According to the informational, take after all steps carefully. Once you enter all the points of interest and as before long as this handle is completed, your payment method will be changed. 

By following the over steps, you’ll be able alter your installment strategy concurring to your preference.

Last Thoughts

Getting SASSA grants from the post office was time-consuming. But Boxer may be a simple, and secure strategy for recipients to get their grants without any hustle. You as it were require your ID number and enrolled phone number for the SASSA R350 collection at Boxer. I’ve explained the point by point prepare of receiving grants at Boxer. Ideally, it was supportive for you!


Can I pull back cash at Boxer stores?

Yes, you’ll visit any Boxer store to get your SASSA give installment. You must bring your ID and enrolled phone number to pull back your cash.

Can I get installment at Boxer without SMS?

No, you can’t get your SASSA give without SMS. SASSA has advised grant holders to wait until they receive a confirmation message.

Can I collect SRD grants without an ID?

Only beneficiaries of the unemployed child category can apply and receive grants without ID because they don’t have identity documents. Otherwise, ID is mandatory to get grants.