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What To Do When SASSA Card Is LostWhat To Do When SASSA Card Is Lost

What To Do When SASSA Card Is Lost

What To Do When SASSA Card Is Lost can be a annoying experience, particularly thinking about the significance of gaining access to your social supply funds. However, staying calm and following the right approaches can assist you unravel the difficulty shortly and securely. Here’s what you want to do:

Contact SASSA

The first step is to record the loss of your card to SASSA. You can do this via calling their toll-free helpline at 0800 60 10 eleven Be organized to supply your ID quantity and different applicable SASSA details.

SASSA Post Office

Alternatively, you can go to your nearest SASSA workplace or Post Office and document the loss in person. They will help you in finishing the fundamental paperwork.

Secure SASSA Funds

Request a card stop

Inform SASSA that you prefer to end the misplaced card immediately. This prevents unauthorized get admission to to your funds.

Choice withdrawal methods

While your substitute card is being processed, inquire about choice methods to get admission to your grant. SASSA can also provide brief withdrawal picks via precise branches or partners.

What To Do When SASSA Card Is Lost
What To Do When SASSA Card Is Lost

SASSA Replacement Card:

Gather required documents: Prepare the following archives for your alternative card application:

  • Your South African ID report (original and a licensed copy)
  • Proof of dwelling (e.g., utility bill, financial institution statement)
  • Completed SASSA Fraud Affidavit Form (available at SASSA workplaces or Post Offices)

Visit SASSA workplace

Submit the carried out archives and required charges (if applicable) at a specified SASSA workplace or Post Office. Be conscious that processing a substitute card can take various days. SASSA will inform you when your new card is geared up for collection.


Never share your PIN with anyone, and keep away from writing it down on your card or somewhere else effortlessly accessible.If you note any unauthorized transactions on your account, contact SASSA immediately. Regularly reveal your account pastime for any uncommon transactions.


In conclusion, What To Do When SASSA Card Is Lost can be a daunting experience, however by means of taking immediate motion and following the critical steps, you can mitigate the dangers and make certain the protection of your funds. Remember to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding your account.


What need to I do if I suspect my SASSA card has been stolen?

If you suspect your card has been stolen, comply with the equal steps as if it have been lost. Report the incident to SASSA straight away and request a substitute card.

Is there a rate for changing a misplaced or stolen SASSA card?

SASSA may additionally cost a small rate for changing a misplaced or stolen card. However, this price is commonly minimal and varies relying on the circumstances.

Can I tune the repute of my substitute card application?

Yes, you can inquire about the repute of your substitute card utility with the aid of contacting SASSA’s helpline or touring the workplace the place you submitted your documents.

What need to I do if I overlook my PIN for the new SASSA card?

If you neglect your PIN, you will want to go to a SASSA workplace or Post Office in individual to reset it. Be certain to deliver your ID and different quintessential files for verification.

Are there any extra safety measures I can take to shield my SASSA funds?

In addition to the precautions mentioned, think about enabling SMS signals for your account exercise and in many instances updating your contact data with SASSA to make sure well timed verbal exchange related to your furnish funds.