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How To Create SASSA R350 EwalletHow To Create SASSA R350 Ewallet

How To Create SASSA R350 Ewallet [Can I Get My Grant?]

You are SASSA R350 Give recipient but haven’t been paid however. It is since the clients who claim any bank account or are designated any post office get allow installment early. But others who don’t have get to to either of these and have picked for cash are frequently held back.

To disperse social awards to beneficiaries more rapidly and securely, SASSA offers the SASSA R350 Ewallet, a advanced installment option.In the event that you arrange to profit of the SASSA benefit of Ewallet, this article will direct you altogether with respect to enlistment or account setup and the benefits of SASSA R350 Ewallet Give Installments to dodge inconvenience.

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Why did SASSA R350 Ewallet come into existence?

South Africa is the nation with the most elevated unemployment rate, which has come to a modern tall of 35.3%. The Social Help of Trouble (SRD) grant is given to more than 10 million people across the nation to overcome the calamity.

Final month, specialized glitches within the installment influenced a few recipients. To unravel this issue, SASSA presented an elective way to streamline the strategy and guarantee the installments to the deservers run smoothly. It was detailed once that SASSA has asked the National Treasury to permit their recipients to utilize accomplice Banks’ ATMs.

It implies that the recipients can rapidly cash out their allow from an ATM of any accomplice bank, indeed on the off chance that they’re not their account holders.Mixing with the circumstances, SASSA exchanged the installments to electronic implies. The unused SASSA R350 Ewallet installment is an choice for recipients who don’t have or lean toward to utilize their bank accounts to get grants.SASSA Moya App Complete Details

Can I get my SRD Give through Ewallet?

 In spite of the fact that SASSA is working difficult to bring ease to its beneficiaries, the arrangements are still in handle. There’s an issue related to the e-wallet or cash-send choice for payment.

As of late, SASSA shared an upgrade that the “cash send” alternative, which was assumed to be given by Banks and SASSA, is inaccessible for the clients. It implies that SASSA and Banks are still arranging and finalizing their terms and conditions with respect to the e-wallet or cash-send option. In the interim, SASSA proposes its recipients get payments in their bank accounts or get the cash specifically from the assigned post office.

It is additionally vital to keep in mind that SASSA never continues with the installment to any other person’s bank account. The client must give their bank account subtle elements to effectively get the SASSA R350 Grant.

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What ought to a recipient do in such a situation?

SASSA arranged to present a cutting-edge arrangement, i.e., e-wallet, to supply vital services to citizens. In any case, the thought fizzled afterward when SASSA came back to report that the clients must yield their bank details or they will be held to the default post office.

In case you still have to be exchanged to a post office or bank account, do so as early as conceivable. Here is how you’ll alter your give installment method:


  1. Visit the official site.
  2. Discover the choice “How do I alter my managing an account details?”
  3. Enter your ID number
  4. A individual SMS containing a link will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  5. Open the link
  6. Carefully follow the given instructions.


SASSA R350 Ewallet FNB service was promised to pave the path for beneficiaries to get grant easily. However, due to administrative problems, SASSA had to cancel the e-wallet service in April 2023. So, as of September 2023, there has yet to be a date announced by SASSA for the replenishment of the e-wallet service. Stay tuned to induce whenever this service is turned back on.

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Can I get my R350 with e-wallet?

A bank account and post office are the only two valid payment methods to get SASSA SRD Grant.